Royal Enfield Deploys 800 Motorcycles For Service on Your Doorsteps

Royal Enfield doorstep service is another nice little initiative during these COVID-19 times. It will help customers who do not want to step inside dealerships…

During these unprecedented times, people across the world are hesitant to step outside of their homes. Even the government suggests doing so, as it is the best way to remain safe from the pandemic outbreak. In such a case, many customers may not want to take their bikes to service stations. Hence, motorcycle manufacturers are adapting to newer ways to reach out to their customers in this new-normal!

Chennai based Royal Enfield has launched its ‘Service On Wheels’ program, through which it aims to provide service at the doorstep of customers. For this, RE has dedicated a fleet of 800 purpose-built motorcycles which will be deployed across various dealerships in the country.

Royal Enfield doorstep service
Looks like Royal Enfield is using the unsold ‘limited edition’ Trial motorcycles for this job.. 😀

The company reveals that the motorcycles are equipped to carry tools, equipment, and spare parts to undertake up to 80% of all typical service and repair requirements. You can book for scheduled maintenance service, minor repairs, parts replacement, electrical diagnosis, and more.

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Royal Enfield doorstep service

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Royal Enfield claims that the service will be handled by authorized service technicians to ensure quality, and it also provides 12 months warranty on the parts that may need replacement. Apart from that, RE has also recently launched other initiatives to ensure contactless purchase and service experience.

-Moin Ahmed