Official: Hero Confirms 3 New Launches in 2 Months; No Mention of HX250 Still

Brand Hero has built its muscle on smaller mass-market products such as Splendor, Passion and few others. So it wasn’t surprising when they kick started their new R&D work on these products with the i3S technology on the indigenously developed 110 cc mill currently available with the Splendor iSmart 110.

In its monthly sales release, Hero has announced that they will launch 15 new products across segments in the domestic and global market in this financial year (by March 2017). Without divulging any details about these motorcycles, they cleared that out of this, three motorcycles will be launched before the festive season – new Achiever 150, Super Splendor and Passion Pro with i3S tech.

Hero Splendor iSmart 110 Pics (3)
Image of Hero Splendor iSmart 110 used for representation only

Now in all probability, a ‘new Achiever 150’ will mean a minor update which may include addition/subtraction of decals and stickers along with other minor titbit changes. It will be surprising and very unlike-Hero if they choose to launch a REAL new Achiever with a self-developed mill (we do not believe it will be wise to choose a low-selling motorcycle, out of their entire lot of five odd 150 ccs, to unveil their new self-developed engine).


The upcoming Passion Pro, currently powered by the older 97.2 cc Honda sourced mill, will share the new 110 cc heart from the new iSmart which is expected. Super Splendor may also get minor sticker updates and there are bleak chances of Hero introducing a new 125 cc indigenous engine. The three motorcycles are to be launched before the festive season kicks in fully. According to Hero’s promise, all these three will be launched before 30th October (Diwali).

Upon second thoughts, the new Achiever and Super Splendor may be the rebadged Dawn 150 and Dawn 125 showcased in this recently unearthed video.

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Hero-HX250-Blue-Pic-Auto-Expo (1)
HX250 showcased at Auto Expo 2016 without ‘R’. Click image for more pics & details

Nothing exciting right? And to disappoint you further, there is no mention of the much-awaited HX250 at all. We can just hope it finds a spot in the remaining 12 launches that are planned for this financial year, some exclusive details of which we have shared here