Hero’s Leaked 150cc Motorcycle in NOT New!

After their split with Honda, Hero is trying desperately not to let the market slip. In the 150 cc segment, they have as many as five offerings on a similar platform but different designs.

A relatively old promotional video has been dug up by some soul in India with claims of leaking a new 150 cc motorcycle under the brand name of ‘Dawn’. The video makers have labelled it as ‘Kenya market‘ which may mean that it (video) may have been shot to be shown in the Kenyan market. However, based on the official Kenyan website, Hero is yet to launch Dawn 150 in that market.

You may have read that many Indian websites are/may be ‘hoping‘ for Hero to launch it up here, however, a closer look and you will know that it is already available in India under the brand name of Achiever..  😉

Hero Dawn 150 pic

Yes, Dawn 150 is nothing but a naked (and stripped down) version of the Achiever Hero sells in India. It gets the same 150 cc ATFT single cylinder motor however, the video doesn’t talk about the specs of the same. Markets like Kenya have responded well to these kind of relatively powerful commuter motorcycles – the other example we know of is the Bajaj Boxer 150 which has been doing well in many such markets.

Hero Achiever
A reference pic of the Indian Achiever

The video also showcases an updated Dawn 100 as well as Dawn 125, both of which may or may not be launched in India (Dawn 100 to us doesn’t look much different from the current model on sale here). The current Dawn 125 sold in the Kenyan market according to the official website is nothing but a rebranded Super Splendor.

Here is the old dug-up video

A bigger point of interest however is the instrument cluster – no not the looks of it but how the 150 cc version’s is calibrated upto 160 km/h (just like Achiever in India) 😀

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The question that is bugging us however is – how long will Hero continue using this 150 cc engine which has been sourced from Honda?