Hero Electric Silently Launches Optima CX On Website; HX Variant Is No More

Hero Electric have made the Optima better and have updated the HX to CX… The range and top speed have improved…

So, If you go to Hero Electric website to look for details of their Optima range of electric scooters, there is a surprise change waiting for you. 

Earlier, Hero Electric offered their Optima electric scooter in two variants – LX and HX. But now, it appears that the company have silently updated the HX variant to a new CX one which sits alongside the LX variant. 

2022 Hero Electric Optima CX update

The Optima CX variant is offered in two configurations – Single Battery and Dual Battery.

The Single Battery model claims a range of 82 km on a single charge and can reach a top-speed of 45 km/h.

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The Dual Battery model claims a higher range of 140 km on a single charge but has the same top-speed of 45 km/h.

Colours and Price

The Optima CX is offered in the same set of three colours for both the configurations – Grey, Blue and White. 

Hero Electric Optima CX Highlights and Features

According to certain reports, the new CX variant is a significant improvement over the previous HX model. 

The chassis of the CX has been improved over the previous one which now offers a claimed 25% more stiffness. The brakes have been improved as well, which are now claimed to be 30% better than the previous iteration. 

Looking at the internals, the company have made the motor 10% more efficient which has increased the top-speed of the scooter to 45 km/h, 3km/h more than the previous model. 

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Other than the improved motor efficiency, rest of the mechanicals seem to be untouched. The Optima CX still uses the same 550 kW BLDC hub motor which produces 1.2 kW (1.6 HP) of power and 51.2V/30Ah battery pack as the previous model. The improved efficiency has increased the range of the e-scooter, which now travels a claimed 28 km more than the previous one. 

The electric scooter rides on the same chassis and braking setup as the previous one, and rides on the same 12” alloys as well. The feature list still continues to have Cruise control, Walk assist, Reverse mode, Negative backlit instrumentation and a USB charging port as standard.