151-200cc Motorcycle Sales: With Xpulse Hero Almost Triples its Numbers

Hero 200cc motorcycle sales have been gaining traction with Xpulse spearheading the range. Xtreme 160R is also adding to the tally…

Despite being the world’s largest selling 2-wheeler manufacturer, Hero MotoCorp has almost been a no consideration in the sporty segment in India ie motorcycles over 150cc displacement. It was considered that it will be a big ask for Hero to establish itself in this relatively more profitable genre of motorcycles.

But it appears that it has been able to set a firm foot in a fairly short span of time. In this story we are talking about the 151 to 200cc motorcycle segment, where Hero sells the following four motorcycles…

  • Xtreme 160R
  • Xpulse 200
  • Xpulse 200T
  • Xtreme 200S

These models face direct rivalry from every major manufacturer in India and despite that the company has been able to spread its share significantly. Here are its two year numbers for the period of April to July..

Hero 200cc Motorcycle Sales

April-July 2021April-July 2022
12,159 units31,521 units

As you can see, Hero has managed to sell 19,362 units more than its last year’s numbers which is a growth of almost 160 percent.

Xtreme 160R is also an impressive seller for Hero in the 160cc segment…

Sales have majorly been coming from the Xpulse 200 ADV and the Xtreme 160R streetfighter. And that is not all, apart from consolidating its presence in this space, Hero MotoCorp has recently been caught testing as many as three new bigger capacity motorcycles which are touted to be in the 300-450cc space. You can check their stories below..

With Hero becoming a formidable force in this segment, which manufacturer will it impact the most – Bajaj or arch-rival Honda?

Till then you can check out the review of Honda’s latest motorcycle in the 300cc space – CB300F, that was launched very recently…