How is Harley X440 Doing After 7-8 Months?

Harley X440 sales peaked in January 2024, however, ever since then there has been a consistent fall. Mark for worry or production sharing…?

Couple of days back, I did a story on how is Hero’s flagship faired motorcycle Karizma doing in the market after 8 odd months. You can check that out here. Let us do a similar one on the Harley Davidson X440 – which is also handled, manufactured and marketed by Hero MotoCorp.

X440 is a very important product not only for Harley but also for Hero. This is the first big product that it has developed for the commercial market. It has now also been joined by its own Mavrick 440 very recently. The first deliveries of the X440 commenced in October 2023 but dispatches to dealerships started in September, however, they had just started making it then. Here is how many units Hero dispatched of the X440 to its dealerships.

Harley X440 Sales

September + October 2513
November 2160
January 20243349

As you can see, the baby Harley has seen total sales of 14,269 units in seven months (six, if we discount Sep’s numbers). This is an average of almost 2400 units a month which is really good for a motorcycle that costs over Rs 2.5 Lakh in India.

Harley x440 sales

If we closely look at the monthly numbers, the X440 started off well and peaked in January 2024. It had its lowest numbers in March but that may either be due to the financial year ending or Hero also started dispatching its Mavrick around that time. It will be very interesting to see how things go now as the initial hysteria has settled down.

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I believe even after the hype, the smallest Harley will settle at numbers between 2000-2500 per month – which will be darn good. With Mavrick joining the ranks, and at a lesser price tag, the duo can make good numbers for the India’s largest manufacturer – which is trying hard to penetrate in the premium motorcycle segment.

Aside this, Harley is also preparing its next version on this 440 platform which could be Scrambler. Here are more details.