German Army To Use Custom Built Polaris ATV MV850

The off road vehicles and Snow mobile manufacturer Polaris has won a contract to supply ultra-light tactical vehicles to the German Army.


Polaris has been a supplier of ATV’s and Side by Side vehicles designed for military usage. These highly mobile ATVS allow for the transportation of military personnel and gear through “extreme off-road terrain” conditions.

The German Army will receive the Polaris designed MV850 ATVs. These ATVs originally designed for US military & Allied Forces were reported to be used at US campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Highly Mobile MV850 will be used for transportation of Military personnel and gears. MV850 is designed with 272 kg capacity metal rack system, blackout lighting with IR light capability and an optional litter mount as per military standards.

Polaris ATV come with best in class build and technology. Polaris offers airless or “non-pneumatic” tires, which can withstand nails, railroad spikes, glass, and war-torn terrain without going flat. Polaris also offers military ATVs that are electrically powered and have various seating options. The company makes ATVs for two, four or six passengers and offers various rack attachments.

Polaris made its entry into India in Aug-2011 hopeful of creating a whole new culture of Off Road Adventure in India. After two years, Polaris India currently has 15 dealerships and 16 Polaris experience zones. Polaris India also has 10 Riderz Stop outlets where potential buyers can ride their vehicles before making a final purchase. The Polaris product lineup includes its flagship ATVs, Polaris Ranger, side-by-side vehicles and Snowmobile, which are imported from the US and Mexico as completely built units. Polaris recently donated five ATVs for rescue works in Uttarakhand.

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-by Saravana Priyan