Exclusive: Mahindra’s Unnamed ‘301’ Scooter Will Sport a 110cc Engine

BikeAdvice readers were the first to know about Mahindra’s upcoming scooter via a couple of spyshots which we shared with all of you on 31st May. The scooter was carrying mismatched and dummy parts and appeared to be an early prototype.

Mahindra-New-Scooter-301 (1)

We only had the spyshots and a possible codename of 301 for the scooter. We did not have any information about other details including its engine size. What we knew was the fact that this scooter will not carry Rodeo’s 125cc motor.

And now here we are, reporting to you first! This under test Mahindra scooter will sport a smaller 110cc engine which will be coupled to an automatic gearbox. Will this be an all-new engine or a derivative of the 106.7cc motor of Centuro is not known yet. But, what we can surely expect is a 110cc scooter at a price lesser than the competition.

Quite interestingly, when Mahindra is downsizing to the 110cc scooter segment, Honda is busy preparing a 125cc Activa which will be launched soon (More Details).

What you see here are the only spyshots of the scooter on the web. From these spyshots, it appears that Mahindra might lend this new scooter larger 12 inch tyres similar to what TVS did with Wego.

Mahindra-New-Scooter-301 (2)

So Mahindra wants to take on Honda at its own turf. A 110cc scooter, right under the throat of Honda’s largest selling Activa and Hero’s Maestro. It will be a very uphill task for the Pune based manufacturer to pose a real threat to the existing lineup of Honda’s scooters but considering the pace at which Mahindra is learning we can really expect a good quality product at really affordable prices.

This scooter is Mahindra’s one of the planned 10 products which they intend to launch within 2 years from now (Read More). We will keep you posted as we get to know more about this scooter and other Mahindra’s products.

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