‘Social Distancing’ to Result in Major Rise in EV Sales, Believes Hero Electric

Electric vehicle sales are projected to increase big time post COVID-19. Hero Electric has its reasons of believing so…

Coronavirus pandemic is already causing havoc all across the world. India received a high of around 3900 cases in the last 24 hours according to an online report which is the worst ever figure yet! Irrespective of whatever happens in the days and weeks to come, two things are certain – that people will start practicing social distancing and there will be a major emphasis on personal hygiene.

As a result of this, the otherwise-bruised auto makers are very upbeat about new prospects. Due to social distancing, they believe that people will try to avoid congested public transport which will include buses and local trains. In order to maintain social distancing they will want to travel in their own vehicles, which is what the probability looks like, at least till we have a vaccine for the virus.

2-Wheeler makers sense an upper hand in the demand that they believe will be automatically created. This is simply because they are the more affordable options and with uncertainty around, people are expected to hop onto options that will call for the lowest investment.

Electric two-wheeler maker Hero Electric has gone a step ahead and foresees the demand for electric vehicles growing at a ‘significant’ pace. It believes people will consider Low and City speed scooters, due to their low purchase price and even lower running costs.

After COVID-19 the global electric vehicle infrastructure is estimated to reach 4.18 million units by next year – at a CAGR of 22.1 percent and India will be a big contributor to this growth.

Electric vehicle sales
This is AE47 – Hero Electric’s first e-motorcycle which was unveiled recently. Click pic for details

Hero’s Upcoming e-Scoots – With Higher Range Than TVS iQube

Mr Sohinder Gill, CEO of Hero Electric says,

The latest Harvard report of the adverse effect of air pollution particularly the PM 2.5 emitted from IC vehicles on COVID-19 patients is an eye opener. Given the upcoming ‘new normal’ era, consumer focus on sustainable mobility options, preference of sensibly priced electric two-wheelers, and reluctance in going back to the overcrowded public transport system; Hero Electric foresees an exponential increase in the number of electric vehicles on road post lockdown. We have with us a wide range of electric scooters that have zero tail pipe emissions, priced between Rs.40000 to 70000 and have extremely low running costs.

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Sensing opportunity here, Hero Electric has launched a very luring discount offer on its electric scooters. And the best part is that you can shop them online. Here are more details.