Within 6 Months Duke 125 Price Hiked by ₹12,000

Duke 125 latest price hike of nearly Rs 5000 makes the bike Rs 12,000 costlier than the original price. Is KTM trying to match up with Rival MT15’s 1.36 lakh tag?

KTM has been manufacturing the Duke 125 in India for the last many years but it was not sold in the domestic market because of its positioning. However, with the ABS ruling which got enforced from 1st April 2019, the motorcycles have spaced out liberating more sub-segments in between which has allowed some space to manufacturers to pit in new variants.

Considering it the right time, KTM officially launched the baby Duke 125 in India towards the end of November 2018 at Rs 1.18 Lakh ex-showroom Delhi which was also the price tag of Duke 200 when it was first launched many years back! It must be remembered that KTM specified that it was an ‘introductory price tag‘ which was bound to increase.

Duke 125 Latest Price

In April, KTM announced a Rs 7000 hike, followed by the latest increase of Rs 5000. Here is the timeline…

Duke 125 Original PriceRs 1,18,163
Duke 125 April Price TagRs 1,24,998
Duke 125 latest price tag (June)Rs 1,30,000

*prices ex-showroom Delhi

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Duke 125 latest Price

This means that the price increment is Rs 12,000 which is a significant hike of nearly 10 percent of the original price of the motorcycle. Duke 125 has gradually become the largest selling KTM in India and in the last two months of March and April, KTM wholesaled about 5200 units of the naked which is almost were almost 900 units more than its 200cc brothers.

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The reason of subsequent hikes is not known; may be Yamaha’s overpricing of the MT15 has given KTM some space to increase the price tag of Duke 125. It remains to be seen if this price hike impacts its sales…