For the First Timer Ever Dominar (250) is Cheaper Than Pulsar (RS200)

Dominar vs Pulsar – Bajaj has yet again left us confused about its strategy. With this renewed placement, will the Dominar brand suffer…?

When almost every other motorcycle got costlier, Bajaj Auto surprised everyone by announcing a major price slash on its Dominar 250. The sports cruiser, which costed over Rs 1.70 Lakh, is now priced at Rs 1.54 Lakh ex-showroom. That is a price reduction of almost Rs 17,000 or roughly 10 percent!

That has made it ~Rs 6000 cheaper than its original launch price of Rs 1.60 Lakh last year. On the other hand, the current flagship Pulsar – the Pulsar RS200 has become costlier. It has an asking price of Rs 1,62,445. That means, for the first time ever Dominar 250 has become cheaper than the RS.

More importantly, the Dominar brand (that was introduced as a premium offering), now costs lesser than the company’s very own Pulsar brand. It must be noted that quarter liter Dominar carries a bigger engine and is more powerful than the 200cc Pulsar.

dominar vs pulsar
The RS200 now costs Rs 1,62,445 ex-showroom Delhi

Dominar 250 was doing fairly decent sales for Bajaj and it was outselling the bigger 400. However, it appears that the company is not convinced and has higher hopes from it (and probably the Dominar brand overall). So, the idea is to make it a lucrative offering so that more people buy into the fold.

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Yamaha had also announced a major price slash on its 250cc FZ range…

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That also makes the Dominar 250 as the second most affordable 250cc motorcycle in India, just over the Yamaha FZ25. The 250cc FZ has also very recently seen a similarly high price reduction. On the other hand, arch rival Suzuki has raised the prices of its 250s.