How Dominar + RC390 + 390 Duke Sales Slid in Last 2 Years…

Dominar 400 + RC390 + 390 Duke sales numbers in the last three years reveal how prices have impacted the interest levels in these motorcycles…

Bajaj used to sell only the KTM 390 Duke and RC390 in India in the 350-400cc segment till a few years back. It added Dominar 400 under its own moniker at a lower price point and had massive expectations (of doing 10,000 units a month!). This portfolio has recently been joined by the 390 Adventure. In this story we will be talking about sales of the last three years of Bajaj/KTM’s 375 platform and that automatically leaves the latest 390 ADV out of the equation, almost.

The 390 Duke was the flagbearer of this platform which was launched at 1.80 Lakh back in 2013. Its price was too enticing and it remained so for a few years. In 2017 Bajaj started deliveries of Dominar 400 which was introduced at a shocking price tag of Rs 1.36 Lakh. So, ideally sales should have increased…?

Dominar 400 + RC390 + 390 Duke sales

Let us quickly present the total sales Bajaj achieved with these models in the last three years…

375 platform motorcycles:
Dominar 400 + 390 Duke + RC390

*the FY2020 numbers also include a few hundred units of the 390 ADV which was launched in India recently…

So, if you notice, instead of seeing an increment because of the inclusion of the new, much cheaper Dominar 400, Bajaj saw a major slide. As compared to FY2018, sales in FY2019 were down by almost 50 percent and in FY2020 by 44 percent.

This has got a lot to do with the increased pricing of these motorcycles. Bajaj has continuously increased the Dominar 400’s asking tags and it now costs around Rs 1.90 Lakh which is a whopping increment of around 40 percent on the entry price.

The Duke 390 was available at around 1.95 lakh uptil 2017. But within a span of around three years, it has risen to 2.50 Lakh levels which is an increase of 28-30 percent or only a little less than Rs 60,000.

390 Duke sales
The Dominar 400 was expected to add a lot many units to this tally, however…

However, the biggest price hike of 2017 of around Rs 30,000 was due to the BS3 to BS4 transition wherein KTM also introduced the newer-gen model in India.

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So, what about exports? Here are the numbers..


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*the FY2020 figures may include few hundred units of the Husqvarna 401s which are also being made in India now…

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So, as you can see the 375 platform based motorcycles have registered a degrowth of around 22 percent when compared with FY2018 even in exports.

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So, do you think people are losing interest in these motorcycles?