Dominar 400 E27.5 & Pulsar NS160 Flex Fuel Unveiled

With its Dominar and Pulsar flex fuel motorcycles Bajaj is trying to demonstrate its preparedness towards the alternate fuel energy sources…

Like other makers, Bajaj Auto is also preparing its products for Ethanol blended fuel. To demonstrate its preparedness the motorcycle maker showcased two motorcycles that can run on ethanol mixed fuel.

The company’s flagship motorcycle Dominar 400 has received a variant that is E27.5 compatible; which means the motorcycle can run on fuel with an ethanol content of as much as 27.5 (with the rest being gasoline). It must be noted that the current Dominar 400 is already E20 compatible (it can run on fuel with 20 percent ethanol).

While the engine specifics haven’t been mentioned in the press note, we connected with Bajaj and have a confirmation that the E27.5 variant also continues to be equipped with the same 373cc single cylinder engine. However, it is not known if there are any changes to the power and torque figures of the sports cruiser.

pulsar flex fuel

Aside this, the other model that has received the flex fuel capability is the Pulsar NS160. The exact content upto which this motor can tolerate ethanol hasn’t been mentioned but this may have a higher tolerance limit.

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Yesterday, Honda showcased its technical readiness with the CB300F flex fuel vehicle prototype – that has a capability to run E85 fuel. In a way, it also cleared that the streetfighter and that platform is here to stay.

Apart from the two motorcycles mentioned above, Bajaj also kept on display Chetak premium and various other electric and CNG powered vehicles.