Honda Unveils CB300F FFV in India; Can Run E85 Fuel

Unveiled Honda CB300F flex fuel vehicle can tolerate as much as 85 percent ethanol blending in fuel. The product is in its prototype form…

You may be aware that Indian government has directed automobile companies to explore alternate fuel sources – to power their upcoming vehicles. Apart from other streams, ethanol based fuel is one major direction where makers are progressing.

Various manufacturers have already introduced E20 fuel compliant motorcycles and many of them will come up during this year. The number after E (20 in this case) suggests how much of ethanol has been blended with petrol. So, for now, we will have upto 20 percent ethanol ready 2-wheelers – meaning that the engine will be able to tolerate upto 20 percent ethanol in its working.

At the ongoing Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024, Honda has taken the game ahead by showcasing a Flex-Fuel powered motorcycle – a CB300F it is! The CB300F FFV (Flex-fuel vehicle) is in its prototype form at this point and can run on E85 fuel ie it can tolerate fuel with 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline.

cb300f flex fuel
Last year Honda introduced a big price cut on the CB300F and currently at around Rs 1.70 Lac, it is a worthy option for people considering streetfighters around this displacement size…

In other terms Honda has made its 293cc, single cylinder engine E85 fuel compliant and it will power the CB300F and other vehicles in the future when such a decision becomes mandatory from the center, or earlier. Power and torque output are expected to be lower than the current model’s 18KW and 25.6 Nm, but they haven’t been revealed.

It must be noted that Brazilian market already runs flex fuel vehicles and Honda has been a dominant player there, with various 2-wheelers using this tech. So, the Jap already has a vast experience in this sphere and it is just a matter of transformation, if and when required.

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Apart from this, there has been a big development coming from the house of Honda. It has patented a CB350 based ADV (that looks very similar to the Himalayan) and a CB350 based Scrambler (that again has resemblance with the Scram 410). You can check their details here and here.