Shocking: Detel EASY Electric 2-Wheeler Launched at ₹19,999

Detel Easy electric vehicle could be the disruption this segment needs. It is offered at a shocking price tag and has decent specs…

Detel, a value for money consumer electronic brand, has launched a new electric 2-wheeler called as EASY. Detel calls it the most economical electric two-wheeler in the world. Prior to this, Detel had launched an economical feature phone at Rs 299 and an LED TV at Rs 3999. With the Easy, it intends to disrupt the electric 2-wheeler segment.

Detel Easy is powered by a 6 Pipe controller 250 watt electric motor. It is a low-speed 2-wheeler with a top speed of 25 km/h. It is powered by a 48V 12 AH LiFePO4 battery that needs 7-8 hours of charging time. On full charge the Easy is capable of a range of 60 km in ideal conditions.

Since it is a low-speed e-scooter, the buyer need not take a driving license or even a vehicle registration to ride it on the roads. Detel says, it is targeted at teenagers and people who wish to travel short distances.

Detel Easy Electric Vehicle Price

Detel Easy₹19,999 + GST

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Detel Easy Electric vehicle

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The EASY can seat 2 people and the company is offering a free helmet to ensure safety of the rider. It will be sold in three colors – Jet Black, Metallic Red and Pearl White. Detel further says that the usage of plastic is minimal to make it an environment friendly vehicle.

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From the looks of it, the Easy appears to be a fairly useful vehicle for short errands and that pricing is disruptive for sure. If Detel is able to manage it well, this could propel early adoption of the EV technology across the country.