Results: BikeAdvice Motorcycle Ownership Review Writing Contest No.2

I hope you have been eagerly waiting for the contest results to be announced. The D-Day has arrived! The entries that we received for this contest are as follows:

And the winner is Sachin!

We have chosen the winner after a careful analysis and the parameters include word count, photos, style of writing, volume of comments and the writer’s response to those comments. Ganesh and Hari’s review were also very good and I had a tough time deciding the winner. I hope everyone enjoyed this contest! There are more to come.

Rajan, Hari, Ganesh & Raj, I hope you are happy for the opportunity to share your experience with others. Your review was very good and thank you again for contributing to BikeAdvice!

Sachin, please email me your address so that we can ship the prize to you right away!