Hi friends, I am Ganesh, I became a proud owner of the Yamaha FZS in May 2009 and I have done around 6000 Kms. This bike has been reviewed many times on this site and most of them dealt with the technical specifications and the stunning looks of the bike, so I will constrain myself from doing so.

My cousin owns an Apache RTR, which is the first powerful bike that I used extensively when he was off to Bangalore for his 6 months of training. When my cousin returned it was time to choose my new ride. I had not thought of any other bike apart from Apache till then. So I did some research, took test drives and all. The verdict – The Apache wins hands down, when it comes to performance and value for money. TVS had even added rear disk brake to make the offer even more menacing. But, surprise surprise! My heart persuaded me to go for the FZ (NO, not because of its LOOKS), and I obeyed.

So what made me buy the FZ even though it lost to the it lost to the Apache on the paper both performance and mileage wise?? LOTS of things!! First let’s make one thing clear, this bike has much much more to it than just looks. This bike is not a Jack of all trades. It is designed to do specific things and it does those specific things like no other bike in the market.

The FZ is Designed to:

  • Attract people – it does that with ease
  • This bike is built for the city. Now let us understand what this means. Now this bike is said to have a lot of low and mid range Torque. All that torque is provided mainly for city riding, Now that torque isn’t quite needed for highway riding and racing mainly because you do not vary your speed as often as you do so for city riding. This clearly means that FZ is at its best, when you use it for city riding and not for racing or touring.
  • Now what does else does city riding involve? A lot of twisting and turning of the bike. That is exactly why this bike has been provided with best gripping and the best looking rear tyre combined with monocross suspension at the rear and a flat, wide handle bar at the front. No the tyre is not there for looks alone. It is infact one of the best features provided in the bike. Twisting and turning through the traffic is lot easier if the weight of the bike is less and the wheelbase is optimum. I think FZ has the best of these two among the bikes falling under its category and price range
  • Headlight – Now this is a prime example which proves this bike is built mainly for the city. The headlight is really good for the narrow (compared to the highways) and moderately lit city roads but it isn’t good enough for the Highways, the light just spreads too much for anybody’s liking.

BRAKES: Anyone who complains about Yamaha not providing a rear disk brake for this bike will take their words back once they brake this bike really hard in a really tight situation. This bike has the best set of brakes among the bikes in its category. It might not hold the record for the 60-0, but take my word for it, if you fall or skid due to hard braking in this bike, then you will meet the same fate or worse in any other bike during that situation. I am not suggesting that the rear disk brake is not needed, but only insisting that with its build and chassis, the brakes provided are sufficient.

TYRES: We have to appreciate Yamaha for introducing the sticky compound tyres to the Indian market. The bike boasts one of the best tyres around. These tyres look and function really well. Now even the bigger Pulsars have the same kind of tyres.

MERITS: All the above mentioned points come under the merit list of the bike. You want more?

  • It is the only bike in its segment to boast a completely digital display
  • It is the best looking 150-160cc bike around
  • Unlike Pulsars it provides the much needed exclusivity
  • Trust Yamaha, they wont be upgrading this bike every 6 months – 1 year
  • The most refined engine, second only to Unicorn in its category.
  • Awesome Roadgrip.
  • Less maintanence charges compared to Pulsar.
  • The pride of owning a toned down version of the international FZ series.
  • It probably has the best self starter in the country, never had to press it more than twice, even during the monsoons.

DEMERITS: Every bike in the market has its set of demerits. FZ has some too.

In a bid to reduce the weight of the bike, Yamaha gave this bike few problems

  • Weak Rims – The rims are not strong enough for rash driving in Indian roads. If your riding at speed greater than 75Kms/hr and go through a nasty bump on the road, be assured that your rims are bent.
  • Weak front forks – This bike claims to have the widest front forks, it might very well be the weakest too. Don’t be surprised if you end up with a bent fork after a nasty crash with a cycle.
  • Mileage – Well I get a mileage of around 43 – 45 Kms/lit from my FZ, while I got 45 – 47 Kms/lit from Apache. The point to note here is that I never rip my FZ, while I mostly rip my Apache.
  • Do not depend on the bike’s fuel meter, its just there for name sake, it has shown me one bar even when the tank is empty.

Want to convert most demerits into merit of FZ? Just think that FZ persuades you to drive more responsibly, without attempting many risks… 😛

For all the Prospective buyers of FZ, the other Bikes that you might want to consider are

  • TVS Apache RTR 180
  • Bajaj Pulsar 220 S

So now I’ll answer why I chose FZ rather than Apache. The Apache is the kind of bike that you will love to rip and reach the 3 digit mark in the speedometer, something that can be done in open roads and race tracks.

FZ is a bike which you would love to ride through the city traffic, you would love it even more when you see bigger bikes struggle in the city traffic while you just glide through. I find myself in the latter most of the times. So the FZ S was the bike for me.


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  • Vijay Iyer

    You have very categorically put down all the things that are important for the reader. Congrats on a nice review. The only problem that I see with this bike is its fuel efficiency. If Yamaha can make this bike as frugal as the unicorn or the GS 150 R, then there is no beating this monster. By the by, what is the ideal speed for crusing on the highways for this bike and if there are any sorts of vibrations at higher rpm’s. Though its a lord of the streets but it would be nice if it can hit the highways with poise once in a while.

  • sameer

    They say FZ has low maintenance costs but weak rims and weak forks will actually lead to mammoth costs in the longer run. The bike is certainly exclusive on the road but that’s because there are not many people buying it, and even if they wanted to, Yamaha makes FZ in very small numbers. FZ is a good bike but Yamaha should work towards a common man’s bikes, something that FZ certainly isn’t.

  • fas

    U said the bike is for city and not for touring. Yamaha uses the same engine in the Fazer and call it the touring machine, LOL.

    • Deepak

      fas, I have the same question! Does Yamaha think we buyers are “not brilliant enough” to notice that?

      • Driftking

        deepak vai i am stuck with what to chose can u plz help me which bike to choose ???
        Yamaha Fzs
        Yamah Fazer
        Tvs apache
        CBF stunner…

    • viben

      may be ur observation is true…..but the fact that yamaha fzs is a city bike is wrong. i own a fzs and i hav been to some treacherous and dangerous hill roads( roads to masinagudi near ooty…..a ride which covered 350kms to and fro) in my bike. really its one ride i wont forget in my life. uphill driving with fzs….MAN!!! it was awesome. to add up some more quality factors abt fzs…..my friend’s bikes during the ride bled oil but mine didnt……wen i returned, the next day my beast was ready for the next ride 🙂 🙂

  • sameer

    Me too. Yamaha makes a street fighter and then put fairing n calls it a tourer. I guess they will put full fairing and call it a track machine!!!

  • Nikhil

    Nice review! But the main problem is its fuel efficiency. I think fuel efficiency is a critical factor because the more the fuel saved the lesser is the emission factor. Is it true that riding this bike causes back problems?

  • Ganesh

    Fas, the answer to your question is simple. The Fazer is a big mistake by Yamaha, second time around too(Remember that ugly duckling 125cc some 5-6 years back??). From my 8 months ownership experience I can firmly say that “This engine from Yamaha is not meant for touring…”

  • Ganesh

    @Nikhil, No buddy I haven’t experienced any back problems. Infact this is the most comfortable bike I have ridden(among RTR 160, ct100, pulsar 150, tvs victor, Glamour).

    And about fuel efficiency, well too much is never enough for us Indians. But seriously, for the amount of ‘feel good factor’ this bike provides, I think its a fair deal.. Or atleast that is my opinion. 🙂

  • abhi

    well,I want to know about the Fz tyres more…My cousin says that there are more punctures on fz than any other bike.Is this true??

    • kshitiz

      Its very true yaar..even i hav FZ 153 and tyres are puncture prone..every month atleast 2 r dere…tyres r very bad..it effects fuel efficiency too.

  • Divakar

    i had the same confusion between the rtr180 and the fzs. but finally i bought the rtr(white) after lots of consultation and research. Till jan i was totally centered around the fz but after a long test drive i just felt there wasn’t any feel of driving a bike in the fz. Its exhaust note is too soft compared to the deep grunt of the rtr. That was one of the reasons for me goin in favor of the rtr…..well of course both are built for entirely different purposes

  • Ganesh

    @ Abhi, This bike does have the widest radial rear tyre in the country, which simply means large surface of the tyre is in contact with the ground, so it might be more prone to puncture(higher the width of the tyre, higher the probability of the nail coming under it).

    That said, the tyre is strong enough to withstand glass pieces, thorns and sharp stones in the streets, the only things that get through are nails and bolts, which are really rare in city tarmac roads (the bike is built for the city).

    For regular off-road riding, there might be a problem. But then since the tyres are tubeless, your not stranded in the middle of nowhere, you just have to pay for those punctures.

    I myself encountered 2 punctures in 8 months, both due to one inch long nails on the rear tyre. that is 1 less than 3 punctures in Apache during its tenure of 6 months.

    All above statements in reference to the rear tyre only, the front tyre is as good as any other tubeless tyre found in the country.

  • Karthik

    Hey Ganesh,
    Iam Karthik, tats the great writing about our macho muscular monster dude, yes……….i own the same FZS BlackStreak, its my first bike and i’ve made quite a perfect decision choosing it….i live in chennai, i came to know tat ure too from chennai by reading the TN 20 registered plates of other bikes and car tat parked at the background of ur machine & also the same RTO(Poondhamalli Or Poovirunthavalli) tats nice to hear ahn…!!!!
    Alrite buddy……Have a happy & Safe ride with ur FZ as i do with mine….
    ********* YES-YAMAHA ***********

  • UAL

    Being TOURING BIKE doesnt mean having high top speed only !! Various other aspects like as aero dynamic ability, strain free posture, air deflecting ability as well as vibration free unit is also considered. If only speed matters, then R15 have been one as the tourer bike not the track tool !!!

    FZ’s TIRE (REAR) of course is puncture prone, due to its wideness. Do u guys think there are no chances of nail grippin in R1’s tyre?? Well, my frens, even it will attract more nails in it’s tyre than FZ,and some bunch of fools will definitely consider R1’s tyre as useless one too !! No comments for them..
    U can find the LIQUID SOLUTION for the tyres that immediately seals the hole and stops the leakage as soon as the nail has been pulled out. I use one and recommend other FZ owners to do so !! N more puncture problems !!!

    And about mileage, dude MACHO lookin’ tyre bhi chahiye or Mileage bhi Kyun???? FZ ka tyre nikaal aur usme Splendor ka tyre dalwa le !! Phir milega mileage !!! Otherwise don’t complain !!! Now LOL for this one !!!!

    • atulgokuyamaha

      hahahaaha….I agree with UAL

      • nk

        haha.. great one.. yaar inko sab chahiye… FZ rocks

  • Ganesh

    Karthik, you have got Eagle eyes man, I got to give you that.
    Yep its great to hear that a FZ mate living somewhere close to me also follows bikeadvice.in regularly. 🙂

  • Mir

    Hi Ganesh,
    u mentioned regarding this bikes, what about RE
    Royal Enfield why u choose 2 bikes only please advise me.
    TVS Apache RTR 180
    Bajaj Pulsar 220 S

  • Ganesh

    @ UAL, Spot on man..
    @ Mir, hey man if your heart tells you to go for a RE, then gladly do so man 🙂
    I dint include RE because I don’t consider it as an utility or a VFM bike. It’s more of a collector’s item according to me.
    You dont own a RE only for its looks, power, torque, not even the silencer beat or anything, oh no no no buddy. I think most RE owners own it just for the pride of owning one, it’s the Indianised Harley Davidson you see. So anyone who passionately wants to own a RE would never take a look at other options available.

  • harvinder

    hi everybody
    i am new to write here i just wanted to know if the front fork is having a greater dia than any otherbike how it can be bend at any road unless u had an accident

    and for touring i think this bike is great for rider but not for pillion..as it causes backache and cramps in legs..and i myself bought this unit in dec 2009 and droved to matheran 150 kms it is great pleasure to ride this kind of machine in life.. & this also is true that yamaha india is not efficent to modify engine as per their models in fazer series. but hey actually gave consumer to ride with differnet types of option some people wants ride a normal bike which u will get in fz-16 base model and some people wants to ride with colourfull graphics which u will get in fz-s it.s mean style and fazer u will get full touring if someone writes its a touring bike then it might have some thing touring special. ok…i am big fan of yamaha that is why i bought fzs. to ride a bike with colours…

  • Murali

    Hi Folks,

    Greatly lured by all your comments…. At the same time confused…. Can you suggest enlighten me with the merits / demerits of Yamaha Fazer (new series with twin headlamps) that to the merits / demerits of Pulsar 180 DTSi UG…. I am planning to buy any one of this machine by end of this month or early next month…. It would be helpful if you can give me some inputs please…



  • Karthik

    Hey thnx for that buddy……..!!!
    Have u heard abt Korattur??? tats where i Live…….
    s, i regularly follow Bikeadvice, No one messes with Bikeadvice, our FZS, you and me, what u say dude??

  • Ganesh

    Hi Murali, both the bikes that you have mentioned have very different characteristics. About the FAZER, this bike is promoted as a tourer, while it isn’t at its heart(it has an engine that is best suited for the city). But if looks are your concern, then I think this bike takes every other bike in the country(including the Ninja), and beats most of them. 🙂
    Well it is overpriced(infact even the FZ is slightly overpriced), but I think Yamaha does that to make its loyalists feel exclusive among others. It matches most parameters with the FZ(power, mileage, balance, roadgrip and all)

    Pulsar 180 is a very very different bike from FAZER. Its a bang on VFM bike. It has much better performance figures, with almost the same mileage at 10K less!!! But don’t even think about exclusivity if you are going for this bike. ‘Even my milkman has a Pusar’ – thats not a joke anymore…

    For a more detailed review on Pulsar 180, check this


    I feel Sachin has given us a really good, detailed review there..

  • Mohit Agrawal

    pls send the on road price of fzs including all those taxes and insurance bcoz i m also crazy for fzs pls its urgent

  • Mohit Agrawal

    my height is 5 foot and 3and a half inches is fzs good for me or not pls send it as soon as possible

  • Mohit Agrawal

    what would happen if the self start gets banged then no starting option will be available
    what to do in such condition

  • UAL

    @ MOhit,
    No other option rather than Pushing the bike in gear and giving a throttle in acclerater !!! Not hard though !!!!

  • Murali

    There is one more option which the Showroom mechanic confirmed and displayed. After your bike is pulled up on the stand, punch the gears to third (3rd Gear) and rotate your backwheel in forward motion. It worked on my Fazer.

    By the way, thanks Mohit for your feedback. I couldnt resisit my temptation on Fazer and ended up buying one. Thanks for your views.

  • Ram

    hai, am planning to buy either fz. fazer is also attractive. is it worth the price difference?

    i’ll be using it mostly for city riding only.

  • whytryharder

    Hey man, can you rephrase your MERIT’s 1st and 3rd points.?
    In exactly what way do you require ‘exclusitivity’
    and AFAIK, pulsars are also sporting digital display. Correct me if wrong!

  • Hi

    I have FZ-S but after 6000KMs my bike’s rear tyre is malfunctioning bcoz a puncture is not sticking. I tried everywhere.

    I want to replace the tyre, plz suggest what is best choice & for how much.

    • darshan

      hey..u talkin about 6000kms? I changed my back tyre in just 1000 kms bcoz of a puncture. U cant repair tubeless tyres, if the punture is on the sides. U have no other option than to change it and would cost u around 3500 bucks.

  • Rohitboxxer

    Rtr is sure winner in all aspects.Rtr is only indian bike,which can fight to Japanies bikes.Build quality is superb,mileage is between 46-54.Breaks are superb.Rtr got enough guts to bit each and every bike on indian road (Provided the apponent bike should be belong to middle class indian man,with middle class thoughts,and not Valentinno Rossie with his superbike).

    • Sangram

      hheheh !!!

      agree man..its monster @ affordable price…which has got all the best features & still costs you just 70 K on road..


  • Omkar

    Hey buddy,

    Perfect. This is by far the best review i have ever read. Guess what, even i wanted to buy APACHE RTR 180 as i liked its raw power and white color ofcourse. But all of a sudden decided to change my mind and decided to switch to YAMAHA FZS as i offers a lot of good features as compared to TVS. Don’t know whether its a gud decision or not. Even my mechanic told me not to go for TVS as according to him there is a spares problem with TVS.

    Let me share my experiene with u when i drive it atleast for a couple of months.

    Suggestions, Do’ and Dont’s are most welcomed if any from ur end.

    Once again, kudos to the fantastic review given by u.

    Hope to be in touch in future.



  • sarvesh phougat

    Poem in hindi for great yamaha and yamaha family and all of yamaha lovers.
    For R15 , FZ 160

    1 . Wo thi kal ki baat .
    Ho chuki hai jo purani.
    Aao kare suruat nai.
    Hai bhrosemand purana sathi wahi .
    Yamaha ne thani hai .
    Nai dosto ke saath hai aye.
    R 15 , FZ 160 se koi karega kya muqabla .
    Oro ne pehle hi sikast hai mani .
    Yamaha ne hai mana .
    Jurorat hai nai prayaso ki .
    Aaj garv hai , mujhe .
    Kyu pasand hai Yamaha mujhe .
    Pehle kabhi na mili , kisi aur or mai aise .
    Dekhne ko khubsurati .
    Socha na tha kabhi kisi ne .
    Yo Yamaha ne bdal di .
    Bike bazar ki kaya .

    2. Yamaha Yamaha Yamaha.
    Dekho na tujhe .
    Kaise aaye chen mujhe .
    Lajwaab ho tum itni .
    Kehne ko sabd mere pass nahi.
    Banane walo ne tujhe kya khob banya racha .
    Tere jaisa koi aur na duja .
    In lambi sadko ka taj ho tum .
    Shakti santulan aur khobsurti .…
    Hai behphana tujme samai .
    Ogte surya ka noor ho tum .
    Yamaha in dilo ki chaht ho tum .
    Two wheeler jagat ki shaan ho tum .
    Yamaha sabse aage ,sabse tej ho tum
    Hai her dil tujh pe fida .
    Yamaha kabol karo salam mera ..

    For john Abraham and yamaha
    3. Hai Yamaha bike nirali A
    Sabse alag pehchan wali A
    Sabse sunder dikhne wali A
    Sabke dilo ko chone wali A
    Shakti aur santolan wali A
    Sabke man ko bhane wali A
    Her aakhno me basne wali A
    Kache, pake ratile , rasto ko paar karne wali A
    Yamaha ka hai percham faila A
    Her juban per naam iska A
    John , john Abraham ne hai manaA
    Yamaha ka hai apna rutba A
    John ki jaan – Yamaha A
    Tabhi to john kehta hai – yes Yamaha

    For great yamaha
    4. maine Yamaha ko
    Jab- jab dekha A
    Dhop me isko
    Her bar chamkte dekha A
    Jab- jab Yamaha akar rukti hai
    Tab-tab logo ki bhid ikothi hote dekha A
    Maine jab- jab dekha
    Yamaha ko aage (badte) niklte dekha A
    Jab-jab dekha ise
    Surksha ke liye bante dekha A
    Jab- jab dekha ise
    Kache, pake ratile , rasto ko paar karte dekhaA
    Lajwab , bepanah , shakti ko dekha
    Suna , dekha logo ki jubani wah Yamaha A
    Maine isko samay –samay per
    Nai roop nai power me dekha A
    Iski behpanah gungise ko dekha
    Samay ke saath isko viksit hote dekh raha hoon A
    Ate: her baar maine ise
    Sabse aage badte dekh raha hoon A

    For Libero G5, Alba, YBR 106 cc bikes
    5. Ajab , gjab, nirali shan wali A
    Aai dekho 106 ki bikes matwali A
    106 cc ka kmal dekho dekho A
    1 ltr. me 85 km chalte dekho A
    173 mm ka ground clearance dekho A
    Breakro ko jhukte dekho A
    Iske lambe shockers dekho …
    Jo de aram ka vada A
    Herani wali baat nahi A
    Yamaha ki hai ye technique bhai A
    Hai in 106 cc biko me khobiya baimisal A
    Tabhi to hai Yamaha Alba ,YBR,Libero G5 –no samjhota bike A

    With love and best wishes.
    Sarvesh phougat .

    Some poem in hindi for Yamaha.
    1. Ye to ak pehal hai .
    Oro ne samjha yo .
    Ast hua surya .
    Ast nahi hua surya .
    Ye to ak pehal hai .
    Nikli hai kiran kamyabi ki .
    Ye to prisram ka bejod karya hai.
    Dekhne walo dekho .
    Samapat hua intazaar .
    Lo shakti majboti aur santolan ka aadhar .
    Mitao in duryia ko .
    Aa hi gayi tumhari …
    Yamaha R15 , aage aage dekhna aata hai kya kya .
    Ye to ak pehal hai .
    ( 2). her din ek naya kadam badao.
    nai taknik ke saath chalo.
    soye sapno ko sakar kro.
    milkar ek naya itihaas banao.
    her par ,her dum , hai kitna josh.
    na chodo omid ki aas .
    kyonki . . . . . . . . . . . .
    ab hai aapke paas yamaha ‘FZ’ seris
    ( 3.) Yamaha Yamaha Yamaha.
    Dekho na tujhe .
    Kaise aaye chen mujhe .
    Lajwaab ho tum itni .
    Kehne ko sabd mere pass nahi.
    Banane walo ne tujhe kya khob banya racha .
    Tere jaisa koi aur na duja .
    In lambi sadko ka taj ho tum .
    Shakti santulan aur khobsurti .…
    Hai behphana tujme samai .
    Ogte surya ka noor ho tum .
    Yamaha in dilo ki chaht ho tum .
    Two wheeler jagat ki shaan ho tum .
    Yamaha sabse aage ,sabse tej ho tum
    Hai her dil tujh pe fida .
    Yamaha kabol karo salam mera ..
    (4) . Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator .
    Are dost aisa kya dekte ho.
    Aao dekho aur janoo .
    Nai naveli gladiator dekho .
    Iska kamal ka style dekho .
    Nya rang roop ka misran dekho .
    125cc ke engine ka kamal dekho .
    Herani me dalne wali milage dekho .
    1 littre me 67 kmpl chalte dekho .
    Aisa kyaa dekh rahe ho dosto .
    ek bar Gladiator chala ke dekho .
    Nai naveli Gladiator dekho .
    i poem in English for all of Yamaha lovers and admirers.
    .1. Go way, go way
    Don’t stop you
    Because Yamaha with you
    Just go way, go way
    No fear without difficulty
    Go way, Go way
    Your target is front
    Goway, go way

    2. We don’t talk lie
    Truth offer’s our habit
    Build bike an solid
    Till also everybody like Yamaha
    Therefore makes truth bike
    That’s truth name is Yamaha

    3. Yamaha an bike
    bike in work
    Work in power
    Power in burning
    Burning in speed
    Speed in love
    Love in truth
    Truth in a lover friend
    Lover friend in promise
    Only promise in truth
    Truth in Yamaha
    So everybody likes Yamaha

    4. Yamaha makes own history
    As land as sky
    Yamaha says only way
    Gives love for everybody
    Strong and lovely with powerful
    Runs lakh kilometers without any fault
    It goes where even goes bad roads and hills
    That is why…
    The Yamaha is kings of bike
    Hence till runs fast everywhere
    Sarvesh phougat

    Poem in hindii for all of you and Yamaha family.

    1. Ye to ak pehal hai .
    Oro ne samjha yo .
    Ast hua surya .
    Ast nahi hua surya .
    Ye to ak pehal hai .
    Nikli hai kiran kamyabi ki .
    Ye to prisram ka bejod karya hai.
    Dekhne walo dekho .
    Samapat hua intazaar .
    Lo shakti majboti aur santolan ka aadhar .
    Mitao in duryia ko .
    Aa hi gayi tumhari …
    Yamaha R15 , aage aage dekhna aata hai kya kya .
    Ye to ak pehal hai .
    i 2. Yamaha Yamaha Yamaha.
    Dekho na tujhe .
    Kaise aaye chen mujhe .
    Lajwaab ho tum itni .
    Kehne ko sabd mere pass nahi.
    Banane walo ne tujhe kya khob banya racha .
    Tere jaisa koi aur na duja .
    In lambi sadko ka taj ho tum .
    Shakti santulan aur khobsurti .…
    Hai behphana tujme samai .
    Ogte surya ka noor ho tum .
    Yamaha in dilo ki chaht ho tum .
    Two wheeler jagat ki shaan ho tum .
    Yamaha sabse aage ,sabse tej ho tum
    Hai her dil tujh pe fida .
    Yamaha kabol karo salam mera ..
    3 . Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator .
    Are dost aisa kya dekte ho.
    Aao dekho aur janoo .
    Nai naveli gladiator dekho .
    Iska kamal ka style dekho .
    Nya rang roop ka misran dekho .
    125cc ke engine ka kamal dekho .
    Herani me dalne wali milage dekho .
    1 littre me 67 kmpl chalte dekho .
    Aisa kyaa dekh rahe ho dosto .
    ek bar Gladiator chala ke dekho .
    Nai naveli Gladiator dekho .
    Sarvesh phougat
    Hope all of you that you will like my poems. For any mistake I am sorry .
    Thanks all readers.
    With hope and enjoy .

  • Dj_icyflame

    Hey guys, the new colour of fz-s just hit the market today, itz black with green strikes just like the black with yellow in the earlier colour of fz-s, . The green colour is just mindboggling. . .i am purchasing it next week. . . . .vl a leg guard look gud on dis bike. . . . ?? Cn the no. Plate be attachd at any other place rather than the visor at the front!. . . .

  • Hiten

    Hey ganesh,
    i’ve actually planned to buy this bike next month as its my birthday. i came to the conclusion to buy an FZS after doing the test rides of Pulsar, CBZ Xtreme, Suzuki GS, etc.. i found this bike had a great riding experince.

    i read that it has got a pair of weak rims and gets bent at a bump of 75km/hr….can u pls share some more info on this pls…


  • Lerish

    hey ppl :

    is it possi to place de number plate sumwer else othr thn de visor ???
    mail me at lerish_lal@yahoo.co.in
    ty 🙂

  • Anurag

    Hi…..ganesh i m little bit confused betwen fzs and apache rtr 180…. pls help me out as soon as possible….

  • Mahesh

    On 25th of June 2010 (Friday), I went to the Yamaha Factory Shop (YFS) located at 15A, Mumbai-Pune Highway, Wakdewadi, Shivaji Nagar, Pune-411003, Phone:020-40079136/137.
    I wanted 2 get performa/quotation of Yamaha FZ-S.
    In the showroom nobody came to attend me, so I asked a young man..may be a salesperson..he gave me the performa/quotation. I asked him about finance scheme..so he told me about finance also. He was in little hurry..may be his duty was getting over or something..(I went there around at 3.00pm)..I wanted to know the details of Yamaha FZ-S…I mean, bike’s features..performance..and all other specialities of Yamaha FZ-S. But all salespersons were busy..I noticed that hardly any customer was there at that time. Then why they neglected me? I know it sounds egoistic..but I’m not that kind of person. Just imagine yourself in my place..my wife was also with me..the person who gave us performa/quotation, my wife asked him about test-ride of Yamaha FZ-S. He said there is no bike for test-ride available at that moment. But while entering to the showroom I saw there were three test-ride bikes parked out side the main entrance..and a customer was taking a test-ride. My wife asked the same salesman a pamphlet/brochure of Yamaha FZ-S..but he said that pamphlet/brochure is also not available. In the showroom there were two/three Yamaha FZ-S exhibited. Anxiously in excitement I went to a bike and I sat on bike’s front seat. In the next moment, the person who gave me performa/quotation, said, “Baithna nahi..”(“Don’t seat..”) I said sorry to him and got down. Then I left the showroom..but felt bad about it. My wife told me to ignore all that..so I’m almost normal now..but now I’m confused about buying Yamaha’s any bike..!!!

    • balaji

      response from yamaha show room is worst every where. im from eluru, andhra pradesh.. i also had a bad experiance like u mahesh…

  • Fena

    Very informative post. Yamaha FZS looks best in terms of design.

  • nishant sinha

    hey …guys..i am a little confused as to which bike to buy????i am a little confused between fzs..pulsar 180dtsi..can u plz suggest which bike to go for as iam a college student and would have city driving as well as highway driving with friends…

  • nishant sinha

    hey …guys..i am a little confused as to which bike to buy????i am a little confused between fzs and pulsar 180dtsi..can u plz suggest which bike to go for as iam a college student and would have city driving as well as highway driving with friends…

  • Biswajit

    i am so crazy fro fz-s but my heght is 5 feet 4 and weight 55 inchso is this fz-s suitable for me?please send me and suggest me.

  • Biswajit

    i am so crazy fro fz-s but my heght is 5 feet 4 inch and weight 55 kg .so is this fz-s suitable for me?please send me and suggest me

  • suresh

    Hey guys
    Last Thursday only i got my black cyber green FZS.
    This bike attract people like any thing. Every time i go out, at least one person ask me about this bike(like cost, mileage,power).
    Riding feel is too good.i tried pulsar 150 before but trust me this bike is way ahead of pulsar.
    but one thing i bother about is,its rims. some people are saying that it may go bend if we go through nasty bump at high speed.
    please can any one give clear information regarding this?
    also in highways what is the max speed that we can ride on this bike?

  • Jay

    HI All,

    I just had my FZ-16 deliverd this monday!… it sure is an awesome bike!!!.. well said and done… this surely pulls the crowd!!… offcourse the pillion seat is for Girlzz.. to droool and sit closer and lean onto you!!… y else is the seat slanted ????.. Awesome ride!!….
    Mileage can be greater depending on the rider!!.. u shift gears between 2500-3500 RPM.. and then u get mileage greater than 45kpl!…
    I travel anywher between 35-50 Kms a day.. and its surely a pleasure on this bike!.

    Pulsar are way too common on the road and the 150 cc isnt that great in Power.. though proper riding and give mileage upwards of 50Kpl…

    The mileage(all all Indian are cost-consious). is deprived of its huge rear tyres, which is the prime attraction on this bike…. u want mileage then go for a 125/135 cc bikes … This is the Beast!!.. as its known in International Markets!!…. Its an Animal on road!

  • Sanjib

    Hey Everyone,
    I want to by any one of these bike.
    1. Yamaha FZ S
    2. Pulsar 220
    3. Hero Honda CBZ Extreme
    I am considering to buy this bike to Drive in Dhaka Bangladesh.
    I already drove all these bikes except p220 but drove p200.
    I like the FZ S than others.
    I read all the reviews but is these really true that riding this bike make a backache. Please mention. Thanks.

  • Devil

    hey sanjib go for P220 its better than all others………and riding FZS makes the back to ache if rode for a long ride……

  • Jay

    The choice comes as to power/style/mileage over any other bikes!!…
    Hero Honda CBZ extreme… is properly built, mileage is around 45-50 Kpl… and is not one of the style machines around!… It has 150 cc to roll around… and the machine is an average!!…

    FZ 16/FZ S.. are both the same.. with slight colour variations! and a flap to add on!… Both has 153 CC… and one of the most happening machines around….the seat on FZ is a little racy type!… so the pillion rider would have to lean onto you!.. which isnt the case with other bikes!…. unles u modify the seat too.. This machine comes with the broadest tyres in this category!… so would guzzle a lil more fuel than others.. mileage would be around 40-45 kpl…
    Girls love this bike for its looks!…

    P220.. is a bike in its own territory… has more power, stylish too… but is a lot common on Indian roads!!….so has the canny nickname of streetdogs!… one of the first few bikes to which the crowds gave a thumpsup unanimously!…. so if power is ur concern and speed/race is in ur blood then go for it!… its oil cooled.. so can go for long rides!.. compared to the other 2 bikes!…..

    Back pain on any bikes is common as ther is no back rest compared to 4 wheelers!.. i have moved from a 4 wheeler onto my 2 wheeler owing to traffic .. and economy per se!!… Iam not experiencing any back aches!!… have gone for couple of long drives!…. if thats not matching!.. u can go for a handle change!.. which will give u the comfort of leaning back and riding!… if you opt that!..

    Anyway happy riding!…


  • Ruban

    hai dudes, after reading the review of fz16, i decided to buy this bike, but there is one problem. I should get more marks in public exam………:-)..

  • Rajeev

    Hi guys,i’m confused between apache rtr 180 and the yamaha fzs.pls help me with this

  • Jay

    Hey Rajeev,

    RTR is a smaller bike when compared to FZ16, Depends on ur style quotient. RTR has a blue LCD display(White body) compared to the normal Orange display on any other bikes!..

    Its the only bike to have a white release!… which looks good when compared to any other models.. TVS as such has a little vibration when u give throttle..

    Ye FZ beats All ur 180 cc bikes on the longer run!!… FZ is surely the beast on road!.. and u can park a RTR and FZ closer to each other .. and then see for urself…

    My choice is FZ>… depends on ur likes.. GO for a test ride on both these bikes.. RTR wud be smoother..to start off.. If you are short!.. then this bike wud suit you.. if u are medium built then u wud like to go for FZ.. ?

  • John

    Well guys i am coming in, I have a Honda Unicorn Dazzler. From my experience this machine is good in terms of milage & performance including power. But has defects when u compare the style & stunt that u can do with Yamaha FZs. I am so amazed when i saw guys doing incredible stunts in Youtube. Realy i love the FZS. I also agree the point that people have different taste & as per that they opt different bikes accordingly. A person who is really on FZS have to forget about the mileage, tire punctures & thinks like that he concentrates on the extras that he get from FZS and enjoys till something else takes its position. So i have decided to sell my Dazzler which is 5 months old and run hardly 1500km in ODO & get this machine in its place.
    On FZs if you have someone on ur backseat no matter what he does sitting behind u u wont feel it on the handle because of the wide tires & stability of the bike.

  • Jay

    Bravo John!!…

    To join the list of other Fzites!!…
    As RGV said abt RC, Me echoing the same thoughts!!…. If you need mileage.. stick onto your Hero Honda’s!!… FZ is not for the faint hearted!!!… or the Mileage maniacs!!… Revenge for Bikers!!.. is what FZ is all about!!… Look onto your streets and see which bike makes a style statement… Its a Cult Bike!.. and Would be so..!!.. Yamaha as always been a Cult!!… and not for Uncles!..

    Sorry mates!.. 🙂

  • Rakesh

    i am so crazy fro fz-s but my height is 5 feet 4 inch and weight 55 kg .so is this fz-s suitable for me?please send me and suggest me

    • Dip

      I am 5ft 2 inch and weight 60kg, and i m riding fzs with easeeeeee….. no problem it has lower seat as compared to other bikes…

  • Jay

    Hey Rakesh,

    Good to know that u too wanna become an Fzite!!… dont worry much as for your height FZ is the apt one.. the only other bike that u can think abt is Apache!….. Dont put your height on the bar!!.. Just go ride and FZ.. its for all!… my friend who is almost the same as you still hops onto my bike given a chance!!… It doesnt look bad et all….

  • dheeraj

    HI all..just bought fazer 3 days back..already dobne 300 kms pure highway driving…this bile is awesum…looks..riding postion…etc etc ..silky smootth engine as a matter of fact i am not able to keep the bike within recomended rpm range as it just zooms past…cannot comment onmileage at the moment..only con at the mooment isi thnikvery hard seat..bums pains after continous driving…

  • John

    Happy to say that my special edition midnight black FZS is on the way & is reaching showroom on 10th of November. I will be one of the proud owner of the special edition for 2010. Thanks guys for helping to choose this.

  • Rehan

    hey guys thanks for such precious advice regarding this machine as i ws damn confused with FZs and dazzler but finally chose Fz instead of dazzler,i chose the cyber green colour but they say its gona take around a month to get deliverd, can any1 plz tell me how long does it takes for delivery after booking,desperately
    waiting for it.reply soon

  • Calvin


  • Ambaresh

    hey ganesh,
    iam planning to buy the fz 16 but have read here in bike advice that its pick up is not good after 60 km ….what are ur thoughts on this ??is this bike suitable only for city riding and not for highways??by the way how where do u keep any things you want to store in ur bike ??there is no storage space??have u fitted any accessories in ur bike?? by the way do u find ur bike light weight??

  • Hi guys, there is a small correction in my previous statement, Finlay instead of FZS i bought Fazer Midnight Special Edition & is the 519th bike out of 1000 in whole of India. U guys can watch it in the You tube that i uploaded. From my point of view this machine gives all my requirement that i have about my bike. Its smooth, not grumpy very easy to handle in traffic as well as no need to change gears very often. AS I TOLD BEFORE I WAS HAVING DAZZLER BUT THAT NEVER GAVE ME THIS MUCH SATISFACTION. Its true that Dazzler has better pickup than Fazer but you need to change gears every now & then which is very hard on traffic.Dazzler has good breaking capacity at the rear wheels due to the disc breaks but believe me if you give hard breaks only to the rear it will screech & you will see the back wheels parallel to your front ones. In FZs & Fazer what i have noticed is the back drum breaks are week but the front ones are too good to give you a safe breaking distance. I feel Yamaha has done this purposely just to minimize the accident. When ever you have strong breaks at the rear your bike has always the tendency to skid & loose the balance. but if the breaks are bit week means your momentum will reduce with the initial application of the rear and the stoppy will be done by the front ones. You should try and feel the difference guys.
    For me i am not that keen in racing but guys hear me i am from central kerala & we have mostly curved roads and when i am on the road all eyes look at my machine & i am always at the front of all bikes because of good road grip you will only know once when you feel it while riding.
    So in short i am happy with my new Fazer and it deserves it. Only thing that i didn’t like is it dos int have enough storage space like Dazzler. But for me that’s manageable. Please don’t forget to have a look at my upload of Fazer Midnight Special. I know its not so great but you will be able to have an idea about its appearance.

  • Hi Dheeraj,
    I will give you a good solution for your hard seat problem. I have put Yamahas original seat cover called COOL MESH. Its realy so good that you wont feel burning or paining bums anymore. But its 1300 K from showroom. Check out the seats of my Fazer as you see my link in Youtube.

    • HaZu

      @ John hi dude, i am proud of my FZS white blue spl edition,, ya from whr u got that cool mesh cover,, i asked at showroom at ernakulam,, its out of stock,,

  • subin

    *yamaha rocks..*

  • harsha

    hi ganesh. i too bought FZS a week ago. the engine is getting heated very quickly.mechanic said it happens til 1st service did u experience d same??? plz reply

  • harsha

    FZ-S owners plz reply to my above query.

  • yes this happens & when u put the mechine on idle the engine becomes hot much faster mean while it will be OK so dont worry.

  • harsha

    @john: thank u. its a great relief.

  • harsha

    hey every1, i heard there is some liquid in d market to prevent the tyre punctures. its put inside the tyre and wenever there is a puncture it seals it off. does it really work????

  • saki

    Thanks a lot guys…..Your views and comments helped me lot to decide. I am going to buy Yamaha FZ-S this weekend. I just want to know one thing that how long I can drive at a strech in high ways…..

  • Amit

    I own a FZ and I am riding FZ since last 7 months and I just love it.Everything is nice except mileage…the mileage is 30-32km/litre…whoever says the mileage is 43-45 km/litre then he is lying…

  • lol

    @fas hey ya even though they have used the same engine that dosent nesecerly make the bike same. Look at the shape and design of Fazer and FZ there is hell lot of diffrence and even though engin is same Fazer is completly design for diffrent propose more like a tour bike where FZ stand for city ride. i hope u get what i mean to say.

  • suprit

    Hi , wats the speciality of mono suspension shock abosrber , is that something different experience than normal shock absorber ?

  • Chendur Pandian

    Hai ganesh,
    I am from Tirunelveli and i bought Yamaha FZS black with cyber green 2 months back and i am madly in love with it…

  • praveen

    hi to all. bought fzs three days back. bike is awesome except i hear a mild ‘click’ ‘click’ sound (guess its from engine) for a minute when i switch off my bike after every ride. is it normal ??? or do my bike have any problem. . .????

  • harsha

    i own fzs(black cyber green).
    that sound is due to heat man. it reduces after some weeks, but theres always a little bit of sound everytime…it common wit all the bikes.
    not a problem to worry….

    • praveen

      thanks for you reply.

  • Prokash

    i am disappointed. its only Self start.
    If battery charge is down or self start problem then how can i start it?

    • Prakash

      Just roll the bike to 2 to 5 steps, it will start through proper usage between clutch and throttle (ascilator) for all the bikes without having kick lever.

  • @prokash
    Man thats why you need to oppen ur eyes for the special editions. Recently Yamaha launched the Midnight black Special edition with Kicker. U realy missed that. I have that special edition model but Fazer with kick start also. u want to see that then click this link

  • Tushar Khanna

    I want to buy a bike in 150cc segment.I am confused in two bikes one is yamaha fzs or second one is bajaj pulsar 150 dtsi.Can u suggest me good bike.I am confused in about fz mileage please tell me accurate mileage.
    Tushar Khanna

    • Praveen

      mileage is 40-45 .

      mine is 2 months old. constantly getting around 42 km/ltr

  • prashant

    hey guys i am confuse between FZ S and palsur 180 which is best tell me. if i go for FZ S whats the real mileage. if its 40-45 it doesnt matter but its 30-35 i will never go for FZ S. i drive both bike. FZ S is comfortable as compare to palsur 180. But as compare to mileage FZ S goes down.

    • Prakash

      If you need better mileage and comfort go for Pulsar 180. I test drive both the bikes, and personally for me, Pulsar 180 is better than FZ-S. Everything is good in Pulsar 180 i.e., initial pickup, mileage, performance and quality. Of course, Yamaha too have a very good quality, but after 2 to 3 years definitely this bike will go down when compare to standard Pulsar 180. Because, previously I owned Pulsar 150 (when alloy wheel introduced) for 6 years and now I get upgraded to Pulsar 180 UG4. Every bike perform well in first 2 years but after that ??? The decision is up to you 🙂

  • parvinder

    Fz is good bike..only problem i facing its seat…its very hard…if i ride more than 40kms…the ass starts paints..the same is the case with the pillion rider.(who is sitting behind)
    Any suggestions..how to improve the fz seat..

  • sumit

    i went through all these comments n some were praising d lord of the streets n some where pointing out its pro and cons. I 2 was confused 15 days back which byk to buy. i consulted my frenz they own pulsar, cbz and unicorn. i was boggled over this. i searched the net, read many posts on apache, pulsar, cbz, unicorn and fz-s. Everyone gave his own opinion, in the last i got so confused and upset that even i cancelled the plan of buying a new byk. But in the last i listened to my heart. My heart was grabbed by fz-s from its launch. i always dreamed of having it. Then at last i decided this was alwasys my dream bike then now when m planning to buy a new byk y the hell m confused over other’s opinion. after 2-3 days i went to yamaha showroom and financed a yamaha fz-s in black and cyber green. And when i came to road i was everyone’s centre of attraction. it was just awesome feeling. Next day when i went to meet my frenz in my new fz-s they were so amazed by the byk, its styling their face went blank. they asked for a test ride and after test ride they were fighting over the byk for riding. Whenvever my Fz-s, my friends hitesh’s cbz, vikas’s pulsar and ashwani’s unicorn are placed in stand the fz-s stands as and eyecandy for the people going by. Really it gives d feeling of the lord of the streets. I am not a rich boy i work in a newspaper here and also in last year of graduation but after purchasing my dream byk fz-s i feel on the top of the world. it may have its shares of demerits but its merits are countless.

  • mohan

    i ll suggest for pulsar 180 ug4. great performance mileage comfort, pulsar 180cc delivers more mileage than fz 150, thanks to bajaj dtsi technology, ESPECIALLY THE ENGINE S MORE RELIABLE FOR ROUGH AND SPORTY USE. where mosst of other manufacturers only give the sports look rather than changing the engine performance, im getting average of 45kmpl in city

  • FZ

    Pulsar and apache are just one time ride bikes they are really qualityless
    they are for persons who want only heavy graphics and kidding styles
    fzs is for matured persons. I have attined a top speed of 137 kmph with fzs which has a 153cc engine. Whereas pulsar 180 has a 178cc engine but it can attain a top speed of just 124 kmph the top speed of apache rtr 180 is also 124 kmph .
    fzs is baap of all bikes.

  • naveen raj

    Hi guys,
    Give me some tips to maintain45-47 km per litre in fz-s .please guys reply please:-)

  • Sam

    hey guys im going to buy a new bike on this new year but im confused between yamaha fzs and suzuki gs150r
    kindly suggest me which one should i go for

  • Raghav

    Hey frnds i read i all reviews bt seriously confused btwn pulsar 150cc and yamaha fz s
    These are my requirments for the bike
    1. Good Look
    2. good Mileage around 45 at all conditions
    3. Dont want any tyre puncture prob as i am very fed up wid this prob in my current bike.

    Expecting a reliable reply soon


  • manu

    well guys i purchaesd brand new FZS golden ….. itwas kool bike mi first bike ,,
    after 2 weeks …when i was riding at 38 km/hr a Bitch ranned accros and when i aaplied Back breaks nothing worked i accidently applied front..brakes That was a take off i flew away …and hit the roads F …
    Bike repair cost s around 6500…Rps ….Ff the show room i purchased yamah didnt even tested the braking power…Shitttt……

  • Ashok Bhushan

    Got my fzs……. average is exactly 36 kmpl…. not sure how people are getting higher than that…. i am a safe rider and not a racer……… i drive at normal speed……. 40-50 kmph and sometimes at gandhinagar-ahmedabad highway speed goes upto 75….. not more than that……..

    If you people are really getting above 45 average, please let me know how to acheive it…. Thanks in advance guys…..

    Still, when you ride fzs… you just ride fzs…… you wont find any other bike so much smooth and comfortable…… i have tried all bikes, and this is from experience….

  • Deepak


    i have purchased new Yamaha fzs in jan 2012 before first servicing it was giving mileage around 50 but after 1st servicing giving 25.
    i taken petrol of 500 rs mean 7 ltr then i went mumbai andheri 190 km and came back, mean i drive almost 360 km in 7 ltr. but now very bad average.

  • Selva

    Hi Ganesh,
    I am planing to buy yahama FZ bikes and confuced between FZ-16 and FZ-S, could you pls guide me, as to what the diference between these two and since I would be owning bike for the first time, is it better to go in for a second hand bike first and then a new one ? pls guide

  • Sunny

    Well in FZ series it comes with a rear Radial Tyre. The only two wheeler in the industry which comes with a radial tyre. Due to radial tyre the smoothness, control and balance is the best in the industry. for this radial trye only the milleage has to be compromised by 2km-3km. standard milleage of the bike is 45-50. and this is for all the 150cc bike in the industry. it may increase or decrease by 10% depending upon riding conditions.
    It is Backed by the Yamaha Factor which includes the best balance, control and stability. The engine is so much stable that after 3 years also there is no need for any overhauling.
    On the other side TVS RTR180/160 is not at all balanced. Vibrations and noise is a common problem with all the RTR. Pickup is not constant in all the gears. And due to this instant pickup in the first gear engine is very unstable i.e within 1-2 years engine noise comes out from the bike. In RTR180 Engine has to be replaced within a year. this is the reason why no dealer is selling RTR180.

    To conclude FZ series is a very stable bike and changes the whole expeirence of riding.

  • im planning to buy new bike….i have narrowed my choices to following bikes..:-
    1) yamaha fzs
    2) pulsar 150
    3) honda cb unicorn..
    i drive around 300km per month so i require descent milage of around 40..,and my height is 5’9 and my weight is 73kg so i want the bike which suits my personality and im college goin 20yrs old..so kindly suggest me which one of these is suitable…..

  • mugu

    i am gonna buy yamaha fz s in one month . so i like to buy black green but my friend telling me to buy red .is red colour is fine will it fade in future pls help me friends? waiting for sugession…..