Hero Honda CD Deluxe Ownership Review by Rajan

Here is a review of my first bike, a brand new Hero Honda CD Deluxe. I decided to get it because I needed it to go to my coaching classes.

Pre Purchase: I was just a beginner and my parents told me that I would get nothing more than a 100cc bike. I believed in Hero Honda because of the quality of HH bikes (though I liked the looks of Bajaj Discover 100cc). I wanted the self start and I had to choose Passion Pro, CD Deluxe or Splendor NXG. Pro was about 50k, which I think is too much for a 100cc (also my budget was 45k) and the NXG is rarely seen on the road, so it might have problems in the availability of spare parts.

The Decision: So all was clear and I bought a CD Deluxe, power start with silver alloys on Dec 28th 2009. At the time of writing I have completed 250 km and top speed achieved is 60 kmph as the bike is in running in period so I didn’t think of doing more than that.

Looks: The appearance of the bike is not sporty and headturning, but the new 3D graphics and cosmetic upgrades by Hero Honda has made it one of the most beautiful 100cc bikes (except the Passion Pro) and it looks awesome in red and black color. First I thought of getting black alloys, but then I came to know that the silver alloys are right in a bike of this size.

Mileage: This is probably the only reason why 100cc bikes are still running in India in spite of the craze for high cc bikes. I am 100% satisfied with its mileage.

Gearshift & Braking: Gearshifting is very easy and smooth; you can change the gears with very little effort. While the braking is just OK not the best, HH should have given a disk brake option as they do in Pro.

Other Features: The headlamp of the bike is multi reflector type, which means brightness doesn’t depends on rpm. Self start is a great feature in a bike of this price. It has neutral, turn signal and high beam indicator with speedometer and fuel gauge. It has two step adjustable rear shocks. It comes with a centre stand lock to protect it from thieves.

Demerits: The biggest problem is its light weight and thin tyres because of which it is a bit unsafe for high speed. Handling is also difficult with heavy pillion rider.

Conclusion: After all the bike is great in terms of city riding and mileage. But it is not for speed lovers and high way riders. Finally a good job from Hero Honda.