Buying Ninja 1000? Rush as Only 20 Units Earmarked: 5 Pointers

2017 Ninja 1000 may propel Kawasaki’s liter class sales

Ninja 1000 is one underdog in the liter class segment. Our Road Test Editor Shiraz was mighty impressed by the motorcycle back when he tested it in 2015 and he termed it as one of the best all-rounder machine available in India. The only big gripe he had with it was the terribly dull headlamp throw and it seems Kawasaki has plugged the issue with an all LED set up in its latest 2017 avatar which was launched at a shocking price tag of Rs 9.98 Lakhs recently.

Ninja 1000 – Quick Pointers

Let us quickly list few important pointers of the motorcycle…

  1. The significant price drop of over 2.5 Lakhs has been made possible because the motorcycle is now an SKD (Semi-knocked down kits) which attracts much lesser taxes. The older version was brought to India as a CBU (Completely Built Unit).
  2. The SKD kits are imported from Japan and assembled at Kawasaki’s new plant at Chakan, Maharashtra which has become operational from 1st July.
  3. Ninja 1000 is the first liter class from Kawasaki to be locally assembled in India and other big bikes may follow.
  4. Kawasaki has earmarked only 20 units of the motorcycle for India in the first lot. So, if you are considering the tempting offering book it right away before the motorcycle stocks out. However, even if you are late, Kawasaki has promised that they will bring in more units once the first lot is sold out but that may take time.
  5. Ninja 1000 now undercuts its immediate rival Suzuki GSX S1000F by a whopping 3 Lakhs on the ex-showroom Delhi price. So, now you know what bargain this wonderful motorcycle has become…

2017 Ninja 1000 pic

Kawasaki is expected to introduce many more motorcycles in India including the smaller entry level Versys X300 this year. Till we get the 2017 Ninja 1000 for review, you can read road test review of the older version.

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