TVS Made BMW G310 GS – International Media Praise Quality [Updated]

Made by TVS, BMW G310 GS quality levels are top notch according to the international auto journalists…

Ever since TVS signed an agreement with BMW to make mid-capacity motorcycles in India, the biggest question everyone was interested in was – “Will TVS be able to make BMW-quality machines?” and now that after 2-3 years the first two motorcycles are being shipped out of Chennai, to international markets, we probably have our answers!

BMW G310 GS Quality: Comments

TVS is already exporting G310 R roadster to some international markets and its adventure sibling G310 GS has also been sampled by the international media; we take a quick look at how has the response been.

Canadamotoguide says,

“Fit, finish and build quality, however, seem above par for its class…” says,

“Build quality and finish is excellent – this doesn’t look or feel a cheap machine…”

“This is no cheap machine with a BMW badge stuck on it. From the high quality plastics, to the deep finish on the steel trellis frame, it looks solid and well put together.”

BMW G310 GS quality
G310 R is already on sale in few countries

Topspeed says,

“BMW’s quality shows up all over the mill”

Cycle World says,

Quality level is impressive. The only real giveaway that this BMW is made in India by partner company TVS is the Bybre brakes; Bybre is Brembo’s Indian sister company. In fact, the majority of parts for the G310GS are sourced or produced in India. But, looking at the bike, most will just presume the little GS was made in Germany like the big 1200GS.

It must also be known that BMW has a sealed and dedicated production area inside TVS’ factory wherein these motorcycles are built and everything is supervised by BMW’s officials deputed in Chennai. Mass production of both BMW G310 R and G310 GS was delayed to improve quality control to meet BMW’s standards.

This is indeed a proud moment for our manufacturing industry as it is a ready reckoner of our quality prowess and a show of what we can deliver. This will also help TVS understand the basic quality guidelines international manufacturers of the stature of BMW have and it is a given that upcoming TVS-badged motorcycles (not only the big ones but also the smaller commuters) will possess similar levels of quality.

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However, our wait for both the small Bavarians continues as BMW has decided against launching the 310s in our domestic market for now! But the good news is that their TVS’ version is out on the roads testing and will be up for grabs soon…