BMW G310 R vs G310 GS – List of All Differences

BMW G310 R vs G310 GS differences span across from the drive chain they use to the suspension travel etc…

Two of the most awaited motorcycles in India, without any iota of doubt, were the naked G310 R and the adventure G310 GS from the house of BMW both of which have now been launched in India. These are the most affordable BMWs in the world and your first step towards tasting their tech. However, they are the costliest single cylinder motorcycles in India as well!

The two smallest BMW’s are manufactured in collaboration with TVS at Hosur plant in India and are built on the same platform and share the same engines and power/torque outputs but they do have a few things uncommon, as can be expected. In this article let us highlight what separates the two siblings – their differences, major or minor…


BMW G310 R vs G310 GS Differences


  • Suspension Travel : G310 GS is an adventure tourer and hence it is raised. For both the front and rear, the suspensions can travel 180 mm each providing that extra cushioning on those bad roads. In comparison the roadster G310 R has at least 40 mm lesser travel for both the front and rear suspensions.
  • Tyre Size: The street bike gets 17-inch rims while the ADV gets a 19-inch front and a 17-inch rear. Both bikes get radials of the same width, but the aspect ratio (tyre profile / sidewall height in other words). So while tyre size for the G 310 R reads 110/70 (front) and 150/60 (rear), the GS gets slightly taller tyres: 110/80 (front) and 150/70 (rear).
  • ABS: Though ABS is standard in both the motorcycles, it is switchable on G310 GS and non-switchable in the Roadster!


  • Alternator: Alternator is a device which charges your motorcycle’s battery while you are on the run. For some reason, GS comes with a smaller 308 Watt alternator than its naked sibling which gets a 330 watt charger. It must be noted that both of them are powered by the same 12 V/8Ah maintenance free battery.
  • Chain : The roadster gets an ‘O-Ring’ chain whereas the Adventure model comes with a ‘Z-ring’ chain. Both the motorcycles get endless chains and shock damping on rear wheel hubs.
  • Wheelbase: The baby GS also gets a bigger 1420 mm wheelbase for better stability on good, bad or no roads as compared to 1370 mm of the R version. Lesser wheelbase will help it (R) in better flickability in traffic and on generic roads.
  • Dimensions: As a result of the protruding tyre and long wheelbase, 310 GS at 2075 mm is longer than R. At 880 mm it is also wider and a significant 150 mm higher aiding to its off-road capabilities.
  • Seat Height: G310R has a 785 mm saddle height whereas the GS, being an ADV is 835 mm high. They may be adjustable.
  • Weight: And because of all the added stuff, at 169.5 kg, GS is 11 kgs heavier than its naked sibling. Both weights mentioned here are unladen with the motorcycle road ready and fully fuelled.

BMW G310 R vs G310 GS Differences – Spec Sheet


Apart from this, every other spec is the same including the claimed top speed of 143 km/h from the 313 cc single cylinder DOHC four valve engine which is capable of churning out 34 PS of peak power at 9500 rpm and 28 Nm of maximum torque at 7500 rpm.

BMW also claims a fuel efficiency of 30 km/l for both the motorcycles and with a small 11 liter tank (on both the motorcycles), expect a range of around 330 km in a tankful.

On Road Prices of BMW G310 R & G310 GS

And if that is not all, BMW may be preparing a faired sports version of this platform. They have already showcased it as a concept (here)!

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