Benelli Raises Service Intervals to Six Months: Proves Older Practice was Greed

Benelli service cost reduction comes at a crucial time. But it also proves that they were unnecessarily low till now…

Benelli, with its new partner, seems to be taking just the right strides. One of the biggest complaints of Benelli motorcycle owners was the high maintenance costs. Earlier, when Benelli was with DSK Motowheels, their motorcycles had a skewed service interval of just 4 months/4000 kms, which is unreasonably low – it means that if you owned a Benelli motorcycle you had to get your motorcycle serviced every 4 months or 4000 kms whichever came earlier.

But now, Benelli, with its new partner Adishwar Auto Ride India (a part of Mahavir Group), has revised its motorcycle’s service intervals to 6 months or 6000 km (whichever is earlier). This also clearly proves that the earlier service interval was not technically required but was provisioned to mint extra money as this applies to all existing owners of Benelli motorcycles – TNT25, TNT 300, TNT 302R, TNT 600i, TNT 600GT as well as TNT 899. There obviously are no technical changes to the specs of the older motorcycle.

Benelli Service Cost Reduction: How Much Do you Save?

Let us take an average cost per service as Rs 3000

Earlier Times

Total No of Services in two years 6
Total Service Cost in two years 18,000


Total No of Services in two years 4
Total Service Cost in two years 12,000
Leoncino – the next launch from Benelli

So, you would end up saving Rs 6,000 in two years if other costs have not been tempered with. This is just indicative and actual numbers will be different.

Benelli promises 34 percent cost reduction to its customers.

The reason given by Benelli is –

“their reassurance and confidence in the product quality and to satisfy the customers’ needs”

Benelli also announced that they are targeting 25-30 percent localisation of components and is hunting for vendors who can supply parts for their motorcycles.

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Apart from this, Benelli has some real interesting motorcycles lined up for launch in India in the coming times – TRK 502, LeoncinoImperiale etc