REVEALED: Imperiale 400 Exact Launch Date & Delivery Timelines

Imperiale launch date is just before its media ride. Benelli is ensuring that it can commence deliveries soon after the price reveal…

Ever since Benelli shot in that ‘block your date’ mailer for the media ride of the undisclosed motorcycle (it is now known that it will be Imperiale 400) between 22-24th October 2019, the internet was abuzz with speculations on the exact date when we will get to know the prices.

Imperiale Launch Date

In the invite, it was cleared that the media ride is ‘post launch‘ and various portals have speculated different dates – from 1st week of October, 20 October to 25th October, etc. But in an official revelation, Benelli has cleared that the price reveal of Imperiale 400 is on the 22nd October 2019!

It has also announced that deliveries of the motorcycle will commence from Diwali which is on the 27th October. This means that you won’t have to wait for your Imperiale for a long period. Deliveries, we believe, will be on first come first serve basis – so early bookers will get their motorcycles around Diwali.

imperiale launch date
Imperiale could be a worthy alternate for people who are bored of Royal Enfields

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While we are on this subject, Benelli has officially opened pre-bookings of the motorcycle today at a payment of Rs 4000 only. We have discussed this and two other new details here.

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Imperiale 400 is an important product because it will be Benelli’s most affordable offering with a potential to increase its customer base across segments where it was not present till now. How will things pan out needs to be seen but how good (or bad) the motorcycle is, will be known when we ride it between 22-24th October.