Confirmed: Benelli’s Next Month Launch is Imperiale 400

Benelli Imperiale 400 launch has been confirmed by the company. It will be Benelli’s first classic motorcycle for India and holds a lot of significance for our market…

Benelli has shot in a ‘block your date‘ for the media ride of a bike which they do not want to reveal completely, as we shared with you yesterday. We were speculating between TRK 251 and the Imperiale 400.

We dug deeper to have more clarity on this and learnt the following two bits..

  • Media ride is ‘post-launch’ – Benelli has specifically mentioned that 22-24th October is the media ride which is scheduled ‘post-launch‘. This means that the launch would be before this date. Could be anytime from first week of October till these dates.
  • ‘Experience Freedom’ – The invite mailer only has this tagline based on which we thought it would be a cruiser/tourer kind of a motorcycle. We searched for the initial promotions Benelli conducted in China where the Classic was launched last month. The complete marketing strategy was focused on ‘Freedom’ and the tagline used there was ‘Freedom is everywhere‘. This leads us to believe that Benelli’s October launch is Imperiale 400, for sure!
Benelli Imperiale launch
Imperiale 400 will appeal retro classic bikers

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Benelli Imperiale 400 launch holds a lot of significance for the Italian-Chinese company as it will be the most affordable motorcycle in its lineup and hence holds the potential for maximum reach. Benelli has already announced that Imperiale will be priced under 2 Lakhs.

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Though sales are expected to be a fraction of its arch-rival Royal Enfield Classic, but at this point of time even a fraction from Classic’s sales will hurt the brand, if Imperiale poaches RE’s prospect customers. Another motorcycle which Imperiale will rival is Jawa.