BattRE Partners With Bounce Infinity To Utilise Battery Swapping Technology For Their E-Scooters

Bounce have found their second customer in BattRE who are an EV manufacturer… BAttRE currently are 380 dealerships strong in 19 states…

So, Bounce Infinity have found their second customer – BattRE – who will be utilising their smart framework of extensive battery swapping infrastructure, the first being Greaves Retail who announced a similar partnership last week

This partnership between BAttRE and Bounce Infinity aims to ‘accelerate adoption of EVs in key cities’.

Under the terms of this partnership, EV customers of BattRE will be able to utilise the wide network of battery swapping stations which Bounce is in process of establishing and expanding in the metro cities. These smart swap stations are specifically designed by the company to be compact, user-friendly and easily accessible for the consumer at the same scale and convenience as re-fuelling. 


According to Bounce, their battery swapping structures are pod-like automated units that house multiple battery units which are charged and ready to be swapped within minutes. These stations will be situated in locations such as residential societies, key parking spaces, fuel bunks, malls, corporate offices, kirana stores etc.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Vivekananda Hallekere (Co-Founder & CEO, Bounce) said –

“This partnership is a step forward in our goal of building smart electric solutions for India. We have doubled-down on our efforts to transform mobility with advanced technologies and services that ties-up with our mission of “access to mobility” for all. We are pleased to welcome BattRE to our smart network of battery swapping solutions, and we are confident that we have an alliance of strong partnership to push forward into our next phase of long-term growth.”