Update: Bajaj Urbanite Launch Within 6-9 Months

As we are nearing Bajaj Urbanite launch, the interest around the brand is increasing mainly because of the propagation that the company has done so far…

Apart from refreshing its current line-up of conventional petrol-powered motorcycles, working on bringing Husqvarna-branded motorcycles and preparing the Triumph-partnered mid-capacity motorcycle(s), the next big thing from the house of Bajaj will be ‘Urbanite’!

Urbanite, as we all know by now, is the company’s electric vehicle division on which Bajaj is working day in and day out. At the unveil of a new brand identity – ‘The World’s Favourite Indian‘ Rajiv Bajaj let out that they will introduce the first product ‘soon’ and in a latest update, this ‘soon’ has a timeline.

Bajaj Urbanite Launch

According to a word given by Rakesh Sharma, Chief Commercial Officer, Bajaj Auto, to Money Control, Urbanite will ‘start making’ its first appearance in 6-9 months. Rajiv Bajaj, earlier, has hinted that the first vehicle under this umbrella could be an electric scooter (more details).

Bajaj Urbanite Launch
Will there be Urbanite variants of existing two-wheelers…?

Rakesh Sharma added that they will start in a small way and then build it up from there. He elaborated that Urbanite brand is starting with a two-wheeler and then they may move to other formats as well.

Another bit that he revealed is that Urbanite will have a new network of dealerships because they believe that electric vehicles from Urbanite will target a different audience group and it needs to be presented differently.

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It has been propagated by Bajaj that Urbanite products will not be the conventional electric two-wheelers that we are used to seeing. They will, in fact, be stylish and aspirational and in fact they want to make it the ‘Tesla’ of two-wheelers (more details). As a result of the hype that has been created, the interest in the upcoming electric vehicles have increased and let us hope it will be worth the wait…