Triumph-Bajaj Strategy Detailed – In 9 Quick Pointers

Bajaj-Triumph plans include launching multiple motorcycles in different segments catering to various tastes to enlarge their customer base…

In 2017 Bajaj kicked up a storm by announcing a partnership with Triumph Motorcycles. And from today, the joint venture has officially commenced. We have shared with you its first story here and let us, in this article, list the important pointers that will decipher the strategy for you…

Bajaj-Triumph Plans

  • We all know that this is a non-equity partnership between Indian Bajaj Auto and British Triumph Motorcycles.
  • Bajaj has a mastery in making and selling lower capacity motorcycles whereas Triumph has the technical know-how and expertise in higher capacity motorcycles of over 700-800cc. This leaves a big gap in between for both the makers – the mid-size motorcycle segment and this is what both of them intend to focus on.
  • Mid-size capacity has been surprisingly defined as motorcycles ranging from as low as 200cc to 750cc. Yes a near 200cc Triumph could become a possibility very soon! These motorcycles will be sold under Triumph banner and a confirmation on Bajaj’s retail plans with these upcoming products is not clear.
  • As a part of the plan is to build a new engine and vehicle platform which will spawn products in different segments.
Bajaj-Triumph plans
The first Triumph motorcycle is expected to be a roadster/streetfighter design
  • Here comes the shocker – Bajaj and Triumph are targeting a starting price tag of under Rs 2 lakh in India! This will bring Triumph in the reckoning in the volume segment and it is a strategy similar to what BMW followed very recently by partnering with TVS. Today, at least in India, 80-90 percent of BMW’s sales are coming from the 310cc G310s.
  • Bajaj will manufacture these motorcycles at its Chakan plant and distribute them on behalf of Triumph in India as well as other ‘crucial new’ markets across the world.

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  • On an undecided date, Bajaj will take over Triumph’s complete distribution activities in India.
  • That is not all, Bajaj will also sell these mid-capacity bikes in markets where Triumph is not present.
  • In markets where Triumph is present, these mid-capacity bikes will be sold and distributed by Triumph’s dealerships.

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Bajaj turned KTM’s fortunes around with its partnership and now we expect similar fireworks with Triumph but is 200cc a good starting point (for a Triumph motorcycle)?