Rajiv Bajaj Confirms Smaller, More ‘Accessible’ Dominar

Bajaj Dominar 250 launch is confirmed within four odd months. After a mysterious mule was caught, here comes an official confirmation from Rajiv Bajaj, almost!

Dominar 400 has seen its entry price increase from Rs 1.36 Lakh to the current Rs 1.90 Lakh – all in a matter of just 3 years – that’s is a hefty price increment of roughly FORTY percent. That is not all, it will be getting a Bharat Stage VI compliant version soon which is expected to take the price around that Rs 2.0 Lakh price tag – an eventual increment of almost half of the original bike’s price.

Obviously, it has gained a lot of hardware and features in this process but we are focusing on the point of affordability. Quite clearly, Dominar 400 has now become inaccessible for a lot of buyers and we are not even talking about the increased insurance (and road tax) costs. It, then, immediately gives Bajaj ample amount of space to plonk in yet another motorcycle which could be placed somewhere lower.

And such a test mule was already spotted testing very recently. With the help of our readers, BikeAdvice was the first to identify it as Dominar 250, before everyone caught up. We also shared four reasons why we believed so.

Bajaj Dominar 250 launch
The Dominar 400 received a major upgrade in 2019

And in a latest update, Rajiv Bajaj (MD at Bajaj Auto) has confirmed the development. In an interview, Rajiv Bajaj drew parallels with the Husqvarna and said that while everyone was expecting the 400s to make way, the company instead ventured with the 250s. He elaborates that something similar will happen with the Dominar brand…

..as part of the exercise to make it accessible to interested buyers

Source – The Hindu Business Line

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This is a confirmation that a more accessible = cheaper Dominar is under works and almost a direct inference that it will be a quarter liter motorcycle.

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Bajaj Dominar 250 Launch

As one official revealed, Dominar 250 will be launched after April and now that Rajiv Bajaj has started talking about it, the motorcycle is definitely round the corner. It could be placed at the point where the brand Dominar started – somewhere around the Rs 1.50-1.60 Lakh mark. The spied test mule carried few differences with the 400cc Dominar which you can see here.