After Chennai, Ather’s Next City is Hyderabad

Ather Hyderabad launch expected in the coming few weeks/months; Pune, Mumbai and Delhi will follow…

Some may call it a very slow movement/coverage but Ather Energy has decided to do it bit by bit! After being extremely cautious in Bangalore, the first city of operations, it went to neighbouring Chennai few months back. Apart from just selling its electric scooters – the actual product, there is a lot of groundwork in the background.

Ather is conducting owners meets to get an understanding of the acceptance of its products, consistently absorbing feedbacks from real customers, expanding charging infrastructure, providing home based charging solutions and a whole lot more. The interest levels are so high that many people ask us – “when will Ather launch in my city?“.

Ather Hyderabad Launch

Well, till that time, we have some news for Hyderabadis. Hyderabad will be the next city Ather will launch its products in. This may be closely followed or trailed by Ather’s foray in Pune, Delhi and Mumbai as these are the other three cities Ather has officially mentioned many a times. You can also show your interest at this link and get early access to Ather’s products.

Ather Hyderabad launch
Ather informs that 450 has been receiving 99% of bookings. And hence, it is the only one on sale now…

Recently, Ather announced that it has discontinued the cheaper 340 from its lineup (more details) which leaves the flagship 450 as the lone model in the portfolio. It is expected to be a similar approach in Hyderabad – setting up of charging infrastructure, introducing Ather Space (Ather’s flagship showrooms) and commencing bookings.

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Ather is yet to announce any specific month for Hyderabad’s foray but we believe it will be in the coming few months. The other electric vehicle maker Revolt has commenced operations in cities of Delhi and Pune and it will also expand to other cities soon.