Ather Plans to Export its Scooters Out of India

Ather export markets may include a few from the Southeast Asian countries apart from Europe and few other developed nations…

Among the barrage of electric vehicle start-ups that were born in the recent times, Ather is probably the most famed and the most successful out of them. It recently launched a new scooter 450X and has plans to expand Indian operations to other cities (apart from Chennai and Bangalore).

That is not all, a new online report claims that Ather, in fact, is also eyeing some of the international markets which may have takers for its electric vehicles. According to the report, Ather Energy has plans to venture into two international markets within this financial year.

After the COVID-led disruption, higher officials have resumed talks with some Southeast Asian countries which have not been named yet. Alongside, Ather is also considering the European and Latin American markets. Electric vehicles have wider acceptability in these markets and they also have better electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Ather believes its products will do well in these markets.

Ather export

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Apart from this, Ather is also considering new assembly plants so that it may remain competitive in respective nations but we believe this may come at a later stage.

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In a recently revealed data, Ather registered total sales of almost 3000 units of its scooters in the financial year 2019-20 in India (here are other makers’ numbers). The Bangalore-based start-up also has shown interest in the electric motorcycle market but the first specimens are expected to arrive only after 3-4 years (more details).

Source – Autocar