CONFIRMED: Pulsar RS200 BS6 Gets Twin Channel ABS; Only at ₹3000 Hike

2020 Pulsar RS200 dual-channel ABS is now a more complete faired sports motorcycle in its segment and it comes at a surprisingly low price hike.

Bajaj has updated details and prices of most of its motorcycles which are now Bharat Stage 6 compliant at its website. In the process, the flagship Pulsar RS200 has received some minor changes to the engine, exhaust and weight. But there is something which is missing…

The 2020 Pulsar RS200 is mentioned to continue with ‘Single Channel ABS’ on the updated website. However, that is not true! One of our reader tipped us with the following price list from an authorized Bajaj dealership. Notice that it specifically mentions ‘Twin ABS’ in front of the Pulsar RS200 BS6.

Pulsar RS200 BS6 dual-channel ABS
New Pulsar RS200 dual-channel ABS listed in this price list

We connected with Bajaj for a clarification on this 2-3 days back and the company has today acknowledged and confirmed that the new 2020 Pulsar RS 200, indeed, comes with Twin Channel ABS now! There won’t be any single channel ABS model on offer henceforth!

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This means that bikers will now get the added safety net of a proper ABS mechanism at a price increase of only Rs 3033 over the older BS4 compliant RS200. This 2.1 percent hike is already one of the lowest price increase in this transition and now we know that it also encompasses the new, safer ABS unit as well.

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This may not be very good news for the existing owners but for all of you who were fence sitters till now, this is almost an opportunity as you get the new version with latest emission norms, slight hike in torque and much better safety, at a price hike of just a few grands!

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With this update, Pulsar RS200 has become the only Pulsar in the complete lineup and the third Bajaj motorcycle (apart from the Dominars) to come equipped with dual channel ABS.