Bajaj Discontinues Discover Range Again; Both 125 & 110 GO!

Both Discover 125 & Discover 110 discontinued from the market (most probably permanently). Will there be a new brand in the future…?

Apart from the initial few months, Bajaj’s Discover range was never a brisk sellers. The company has tried all it can with the sub brand – including semi fairings, bigger engines, host of segment-best features, etc, but it has simply not managed to lure buyers.

After a brief lull, in January 2018, Bajaj brought the Discovers back to life by introducing two new models – Discover 125 and Discover 110. However, there has been no respite and sales have remain tepid.

For reference, the Discover 125 has only managed to sell roughly 4000 units in the last nine months till February 2020. In the last three months (of this timeline) there were zero dispatches of the motorcycle from Bajaj. The Discover 110 has averaged around 1400 units in the last nine months (till Feb 2020). These are very disappointing numbers for 100-125cc motorcycles.

Discover 110 discontinued
A pic from Bajaj’s 2018 launch event

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As a result, Bajaj has discontinued both the Discover models from its lineup and it is not taking them to BS6, at least not in this first phase (when all the other motorcycles have been updated). In all likelihood this is the end of these products from the market. The updated price doc of Bajaj’s motorcycles with dealers lists all the products from the existing lineup apart from the Discovers.

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This comes after Bajaj discontinued its ‘V’ brand last year when both the V12 and V15 were dropped from the lineup. There are chances that Bajaj may attack this executive commuter segment in a different way in the months to come…