New ADV: Benelli TRK502’s Sibling SRT500 Revealed

QJMotor SRT500 may have previewed the possible styling changes that may go to the 2020 Benelli TRK502 when it gets launched…

Qianjiang, the parent brand of Benelli and the newly formed entity QJMotor, is working on so many motorcycles that it has gotten immensely confusing. Barely did we see the spy pics of what looked like the new TRK 502, we have images of another motorcycle based on the same platform – SRT500.

This SRT500 will be sold under the QJMotor’s branding and though it shares the exact same platform, there are differences in the styling. The SRT500 has got cleaner and less cluttered beak, fairing and the overall front design as compared to the current TRK502.

2020 benelli trk502
The two versions – road-spec and off-road spec

There are two models that have been captured – the road-variant and the off-road oriented version – very similar to the TRK lineup. The road-going SRT features alloy wheels and aluminium swingarm whereas the off-road spec models have a different front suspension, steel swingarm and come with spoke wheels.

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The new SRT500 reportedly produces 48 bhp of peak power (1 bhp more than TRK 502) and at 225 kg, it is 10 kilos lighter than the TRK502.

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2020 benelli trk502
The current Benelli TRK502 for reference..

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The upcoming 2020 Benelli TRK502 may or may not get similar styling changes but such a weight reduction will be a welcome change. A lot remains to be unraveled from this motorcycle maker…

Source – Bennetts UK