2019 Dominar launch should be soon based on the hints given by Bajaj. It is getting some interesting changes…

After a camouflaged test mule of the 2019 Dominar 400 was snapped in Alandi Pune (by Phantom Rides), a new spy video has surfaced featuring two test mules of the upcoming 2019 Dominar 400 at the old Pune-Mumbai highway. Interestingly, the spotter is astride the existing Dominar 400.

This confirms the presence of Upside Down Forks which is more of an aesthetic add-on instead of a very functional one (vis-a-vis the cost increment it will bring in). Apart from this, that double barrel exhaust is clearly visible on both the mules. There are other changes in the upcoming model, details of which you can read here (it also has a walkaround video of the upcoming model).

2019 Dominar Launch

2019 Dominar Video (Spied)


(Update – The video seems to have been taken down)

2019 Dominar Launch

New Dominar Nov-Dec 2018

Rajiv Bajaj has already announced that they will be marketing new Dominars soon which means the 2019 Dominar may be launched sooner than expected… probably within a few weeks or months from now. It will be interesting to see if Bajaj adds a wee bit of more juice to the already torquey motor apart from all the changes that are visible.

Dominar Non-ABS Variant
This is the current Dominar 400 with conventional shock absorbers

Now 2019 Pulsar 220 Spotted with ABS & Two Other Changes

To me it appears Bajaj has understood that though Dominar makes for a shocking pricing value for money preposition, enthusiasts are not buying it solely for that one reason. And that the motorcycle can be an equivalent seller or could do even better if they can equip it with more ‘glamorous’ features even if comes at a significant price increment.

Dominar 400 vs G310 R Drag Race: Who Wins? [Video]

So, the question is – will you buy an even more feature rich Dominar 400 at over 2 Lakh on road?


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