WEIRD: Off-Roader Yamaha XTZ 125 Spied But With a Bajaj-Connect

We don’t think XTZ 125 launch is planned in India but it could mean a re-entry of Bajaj’s AS brand. Read onto know why…

Now this is kind of confusing! Read this – A Yamaha dual purpose motorcycle (XTZ 125) has been spotted in test number plates, in PUNE! What’s more – the number plate has very close resemblance with the temporary test registration plates seen on Bajaj’s test mules.

What is XTZ 125

Let us answer the first question – what is XTZ 125?

XTZ 125 is Yamaha’s entry level dual purpose/off-road motorcycle sold in various markets. We can at least find them selling this in markets like Philippines. It is powered by an air-cooled SOHC 124cc engine which produces 12.5 PS of peak power at 8000 rpm and 11.6 Nm of max torque at 6500 rpm.

XTZ 125 launch
Spy pics credit MotorBeam

It gets a combo of 21 – 18 inch tyres at the front and rear respectively along with 180 mm of travel at both the wheels. Factor in that real impressive ground clearance of 260 mm and a low weight of 118 kg and you have a brilliant off-road prospect in the making. It costs 84,900.00 PHP or about 1.15 Lakh in INR.

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However, according to our analysis, it is NOT Yamaha which is testing it on the roads. Looking at the number plate and the venue it has been spied on (Pune), it directly hints at a Bajaj connect somewhere. If you look at Bajaj/KTM’s test mules, you will see a very direct relation.

Here is how the XTZ 125 looks.. It also has an elder sibling XTZ 150 but that is slightly different in design.

The other maker in Pune – Mahindra/Jawa generally tests their motorcycles with Red number plates but with yellow letters. This is not a private import for sure.

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So, the next question is – Why is Bajaj/KTM testing it out. The only probability which we can think of is benchmarking. So does that mean that Bajaj’s ‘AS’ brand is making a comeback? Bajaj has already said that ‘AS’ will be more purposeful this time…