So Why Did Hero Showcase New 2018 Karizma ZMR at the Expo?

2018 Karizma ZMR wore a fresher livery at the Expo…

Like Himalayan, Karizma is another brand which has been completely messed up by its manufacturer! The 2014 Karizma debacle has still kept the company haunted and even today they are not very confident of venturing into the higher segments – a clear case is the upcoming Xtreme 200R, which has been designed with a very very conservative mindset!

Hero discontinued Karizma – both R and ZMR, from India back in April 2017, when the BS4 emission norms kicked in. Prior to that sales of the motorcycles were very dismal and it was evident that Hero had understood that things were not in their hands. When they revamped their product lineup back then, everything which was stopped from the market was taken off from the website, however, the Karizma ZMR remained.

At the 2018 Auto Expo, Hero showcased the new version of the motorcycle, which basically got… no prizes for guessing… a new colour – grey-yellow. In this new livery, the 2018 Karizma ZMR did look fresh but that design is what people have never approved.

Your next question is – BUT WHY?

The answer is – Hero still exports India-made Karizma to few international markets and the motorcycle is still not completely dead! This could be a preview of the 2018 Karizma ZMR for those markets.

Hero did not talk about it at all with the domestic media and the motorcycle was also displayed at one lonely corner so we are unsure if there are any other feature additions.

New Karizma for India?

But the good news, as we have been telling you time and again, is – Hero is working on new Karizmas but they will not come with this 225 cc Honda-sourced engine (more details). When will the company re-introduce them is also not known at this point. But, we just hope Hero makes it up for this lovely brand which deserves a much better product…

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For this year, Hero has scheduled launches of Xtreme 200R as well as the interesting XPulse ADV!

2018 Karizma ZMR Pics