Bajaj Event Tomorrow: Launch of New Discovers & 2018 Range Showcase [Spy Pics]

It sees the return of 2018 Discover 110; Bajaj will also showcase the 2018 range of its motorcycles…

Bajaj has tried everything it could with their executive brand Discover. When the older Discovers were showing signs of tiring out they introduced new-gen Discovers by adding new alphabets as suffixes. There have been so many Discovers that even the product planning guy would probably not remember what separated the ‘T’ from ‘ST’! The bigger problem was that Bajaj discontinued these Discovers like a falling pack of cards so there was no confidence in the buyers!

New 2018 Discover 110

Finally, the ‘V’ was seen as a replacement of the Discover brand which, at present, is survived only by the older-gen Discover 125. However, Bajaj thinks that they can extract some more juice out of the ailing brand. Out of nowhere, Thrustzone has shared the first spotting of 2018 ‘Discover 110’ which is set to join the portfolio soon; yes they are multiplying!

As expected, Discover 110 looks exactly like the Discover 125 and may probably share the downsized engine of the sibling as well. Along with it, the refreshed 2018 Discover 125 has also been snapped. It gets different alloy wheel design and blackened engine, alloys, chain cover etc. Similar design theme has also been adorned by the new Discover 110.

2018 Discover 125

Discover 110 will sit in the executive 110 cc motorcycle segment and will cost between Rs 48,000 to Rs 53,000 – which are respectively the prices of Platina and current Discover 125 (drum). No mechanical changes are expected on the Discover 125!

Current Discover 125

2018 Discover 110 Launch

Bajaj has shot in invites of a press event which is scheduled for tomorrow in Mumbai. They have specified that the event will comprise of the launch of the (all?) new Discovers along with the showcase of the 2018 range. By range we believe they are talking abut the Black Pack Pulsars and probably the 2018 Dominar as well but it is not expected to include the 2018 Avengers!

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As these spy pics suggest, Bajaj has probably started dispatching both the motorcycles across to its sales points. This falls in line with Bajaj’s announcement of two new ‘Major’ launches in January!