2017 Himalayan with Fuel Injection Launched in India [Official]

Royal Enfield had already launched Himalayan with Fuel Injection in the UK, where it also gets ABS as an additional braking aid. The home market was, so far, devoid of the feature but in an update, they have revised their official website yesterday.

The new feature added to the Himalayan is Fuel Injection, according to the official Indian website. It continues to produce 24.5 bhp of peak power at 6500 rpm and 32 Nm of peak torque like the carbed version. A minor change is that the max torque now comes at 4250 rpm (against the 4000-4500 range of the carbureted model).

This is clearly a step to adhere to the BS4 emission norms which have become mandatory from 1st April 2017. Himalayan, with carburetor, was probably not upgradable to the latest norms it seems! Apart from this, there appears to be no other changes to the motorcycle. For some reason, Royal Enfield is keeping the weight of the motorcycle as a secret as they have taken it off from the updated website (It was mentioned for the carbed variant earlier).

There is no mention of ABS on the website and the adventure tourer continues to be available in ‘Snow’ and ‘Granite’ colour options only. We are waiting for an official update on its prices and other changes, if any…

The 2017 Himalayan FI, I hope, is now free from the tons of critical issues a lot of owners have reported.

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