Are We Up for a Surprise on 2017 Duke Launch on 23rd?

It is official… carpets have been rolled out.. invites have flown and the new Dukes are coming on 23rd February in India. While the 2017 new-gen Duke 390 is an absolute certainty, the other motorcycle(s) is becoming a point of contention. Why are we certain that there will be more than one motorcycle launch is because the invite officially reads “launch of the new 2017 Duke range“.

There has already been a report that KTM may NOT launch the international 2017 Duke 200 in India and instead it may just be a minor nip tuck on the existing version however the engine will be BS4-ed (easy as it already goes to 2017 RC200). Bikewale now predicts that there could be another surprise in store for everybody – introduction of another motorcycle between these two siblings – which is a direct hint at Duke 250!

Duke 250

If you flip back a few pages, we had already predicted this move some months back and had expected KTM to introduce the quarter liter into India (though at the cost of Duke 200). Link to our report.

However, this is an unverified rumour for now but multiple reports do give a sense that KTM may be up for a surprise. We are preparing for the event which is when the drama will unfold…Stay tuned!

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