Ten Things Pillion Riders Should NOT Do!

In this story, we will take your attention to a few basic pillion rider etiquettes and pointers that you should avoid while on a ride…

Pillion riding also needs some basic etiquette and presence of mind. In fact whenever you are on a moving object, you should always be wary of your surroundings.

The issues faced by the acts of pillion riders are generally not discussed much. In this story let me list a few pointers that pillion riders should avoid, always!

pillion rider etiquettes
  • The rider knows well where and when to negotiate a turn and he would turn on the side indicators accordingly. As a pillion rider, you don’t have to stretch your hand, thinking that you are actually helping the rider before the rider turns on the indicator. The consequence of this act is that you would create sheer confusion to the rider/driver following you.
  • At times, the rider would have no intention of turning and the pillion thinks that he will take a turn along the road and would show hand signal. But, at the end the rider continues going straight. Again an unnecessary confusion creator!
  • Don’t encourage holding the mobile phone onto the rider’s ear. Remember that you are totally shattering the attention of the rider to a great extent.
  • Sit comfortably without quivering. By these jerks, you make the rider lose his control, thereby creating unnecessary tension for the other riders on the road also. At times of long rides, ask the rider to stop and halt for a while and stretch yourself, if needed.
  • Pillion riders have a sense of responsibility. Don’t distract the rider by your continuous (and sometimes nonsensical) talks. However you can listen to him when he talks (if he must). Talking takes less effort than listening on a motorcycle. A better solution is to use Bluetooth enabled helmets for seamless communication.
  • Neither urge nor prompt the rider to jump traffic signals. I have often seen riders jumping just because of the consistent pestering by pillions.
pillion rider etiquettes

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  • The pillion rider’s legs should never disturb the rider. This has happened with me many times. The rider’s comfort is more important than yours. Think of the uneasiness you cause to him at times of riding a few hundred kms at a single stretch.
  • Don’t get on to the bike by placing your entire damn weight on the footpeg. The rider would lose control, just in case he is not ready to balance and eventually both of you, along with the bike, would fall. While getting down, place your foot on the ground.

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  • Never attempt to get down before the bike stops. Do you think it is stylish to get down on the move? You are risking the rider’s life too along with yours.
  • Lastly, don’t sit idly. If you find that the rider is tired, make him stop the bike; ask him to come out of the riding stress and then continue your onward journey.

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Many of these pointers are my personal experiences. If there is any other irritant you have faced, do mention in the comments section below and we may append that in this story for a wider know-how…


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