ZX-25R – Price Comparison With Other 250cc Ninjas

ZX25R vs Ninja 250 vs Ninja 250SL – we discuss the price difference between these three 250cc Kawasaki motorcycles sold in Indonesia…

Perhaps the quarter liter motorcycle segment is extremely important in Indonesia! This is why Kawasaki, which already sells a single cylinder 250 and a dual cylinder 250, now also has on offer a four cylinder 250!

With the unique in-line four cylinder Ninja ZX25R, Kawasaki has created quite a stir in the world market and if it succeeds it will prove everyone wrong who thought four cylinder motorcycles for such small capacity engines are not commercially viable.

Let us quickly browse through the quarter liter Ninja lineup and see at what distance has Kawasaki placed the ‘screamer’!

ZX25R vs Ninja 250 vs Ninja 250SL: Price Comparison

  • Single Cylinder: 2020 Ninja 250 SL – RP 40,600,000 (2.07 Lakh INR)
  • Twin Cylinder: 2019 Ninja 250 – RP 64,100,000 (3.28 Lakh INR)
  • Twin Cylinder: 2020 Ninja 250 SE – RP 65,400,000 (3.34 Lakh INR)
  • Twin Cylinder: 2020 Ninja 250 ABS SE Smart Key – RP 77,100,000 (3.94 Lakh INR)
  • Four Cylinder: 2021 Ninja ZX25R – RP 96,000,000 (4.91 Lakh INR)
  • Four Cylinder: 2021 Ninja ZX25R SE – RP 112,900,000 (5.77 Lakh INR)

So, the single cylinder Ninja 250SL is not very cheap when compared with the versatile Ninja 250. This could be one reason why Kawasaki has not considered it for our Indian market so far.

ZX25R vs Ninja 250
The twin cylinder Ninja 250 sold in Indonesia…

The price difference between the standard Ninja 250 and base ZX25R is RP 31,900,000 or about 1.63 Lakh in INR. This corresponds to a premium of almost 50 percent.

Extrapolating the same percentage on the dual cylinder Ninja 300 (that will be launched in India in BS6 soon), we end up with a figure of around Rs 4.70-5.0 Lakh INR. So, if the ZX25R ever comes to India this is what it could start at. However, for that it has to be manufactured locally (assuming ZX25R’s Indonesian price is for a locally made product) and that looks like a distant possibility!

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Obviously there are a lot of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ and chances of the ZX25R coming to India are not very high, but remember, even the next ZX model – the ZX6R is significantly costlier than its other 600 siblings but it is sold in India.

ZX25R vs Ninja 250
The single cylinder Ninja 250SL

While we are at this, let us also compare the bigger ZX model prices in Indonesia and India.

Indonesia PriceIndia Price
ZX6RRP 315,700,000 (16.15 Lakh INR)Rs 10.49 Lakh
ZX10RRP 492,000,000 (25.16 Lakh INR)Rs 13.99 Lakh

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As you can see, the price difference between bigger ZX models (both the ZX models are imported as CKDs in India) is significant higher.

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So, what do you think, if the ZX25R comes to India at around this tag will it sell in good numbers? For reference, Kawasaki India sells the Ninja 400 at this price bracket. And what if, it is a lakh or two higher…?