Now Get Mountain Pack Worth 17,500 with Yezdi Adventure Free

Yezdi Adventure Mountain Pack has off-road handy accessories that will make your motorcycle more potent specially during adventurous excursions..

Classic Legends, the owner of legendary monikers Jawa, Yezdi and BSA, has woken up and is now doing all it can to make its presence felt in the market – after a fairly dull innings so far. Things really went bad when Yezdi’s introduction – with as many as three different models – all targeting separate set of audience – failed to push sales.

In fact, if you are a regular at BikeAdvice you would know that sales actually plummeted after Yezdi’s introduction. Here are the numbers.

But the good thing is the brand is now really eager to get more customers in its fold. For that it is following a 360 degree approach. Apart from new products, better service experience, it is also luring prospects with interesting offers and deals. One such offer it has launched for its Yezdi Adventure.

The company is now offering Mountain Pack complementary with every purchase of the Himalayan-rival. The pack includes the following accessories..

Yezdi Adventure Mountain Pack

  • Main Cage
  • Knuckle guards
  • Bar End Weights
  • Headlamp Grille
  • Crash Guard
  • 2 5 liter Jerry Cans

The total retail cost of this pack is Rs 17,500 – which will come pre-installed on your Adventure now.

yEZDI Adventure mountain pack

Classic Legends is promoting the Adventure ‘mountain ready‘ just ahead of the riding season – with this offer. You simply have to take the motorcycle and directly hit the adventurous roads – without the need for extra accessories. The Adventure price starts at Rs 2.16 Lakh ex-showroom Delhi – which now also includes the Mountain Pack. This is a limited period offer and when will it end has not been told.

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There are no other changes to the motorcycle and it continues with the same styling as before and with the same 334cc liquid cooled, single cylinder engine that is good for 30.3 PS of peak power and 29.8 Nm of max torque. Prominent adventure traits include long travel suspension and big ground clearance of 220 mm.

All of this is good and the Adventure looks interesting on paper. But apart from management related issues, the big problem why the Adventure hasn’t worked, according to me, is the fact that rather than a rival of the popular Himalayan, it looks like its copy! And this is an image that it needs to shed – and that may need a redesign of the overall product! It should not have looked exactly like the Himalayan at the first place – again a management gaffe!