What we know is that manufacturers like Yamaha do not delay motorcycle launches. By that we mean, unlike many others, whenever a Yamaha (or a Suzuki) test mule is spotted on our roads, we get to see its launch within the next few weeks/months. And this is probably what is expected with the Yamaha’s naked FZ25 / FZ 200 (speculative names) which has been busted very recently.

After an earlier media report which indicated a (15th) January 2017 launch of this motorcycle, we have something official coming from Yamaha. They have just dropped a ‘Block your date‘ mail for a press conference scheduled on 24th of January in New Delhi. Like they do it always, the mailer only says “India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd. gears up to unveil a new chapter……”. And this chapter, as we believe, should be the launch of this mysterious motorcycle which cropped up from nowhere and is now among the most awaited motorcycle in India.

Yamaha FZ25
Undisguised pic of FZ25 . Credit – Rushlane

Yamaha’s introduction of this India-specific motorcycle will be a big surprise for everybody since nobody saw it coming. In our last article, we have tried to decipher what motorcycle (and capacity) could this be and we came up to an interesting conclusion.

It appears to be carrying the single cylinder 250 cc engine of the Brazilian-spec Fazer 250 which is oil-cooled (like Pulsar 220) and not liquid cooled (like R3 etc). All hints point at an affordable motorcycle in the 200 to 250 cc space and considering that this motorcycle is not sold anywhere in the world, it may be produced in India, inferring direct cost benefits. You can read all the dope here


If all of these dots do get joined – expect an affordable near quarter liter from Yamaha, probably under the muscular ‘FZ’ brand at exciting prices. So, all of you who are not in the queue to buy the Dominar 400, wait for a few weeks as this Yamaha gets unveiled.

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  1. you put out rumors from unreliable sources and make it an article. How does that qualify as a bike journo?
    It’s like saying i don’t plagiarize but i disclaim in the same breath. it’s time you stop using fillers..seriously!

    • Reptiser, thank you for your feedback.
      Just to keep you informed – we use tags like Rumour or Speculation at the top of the heading of an article to let the end reader know that this is not something confirmed/official/concrete.
      So readers who wish to avoid that can do so without the need to open the article.. 🙂

      Regarding the source, they have shared some real useful leaks in the past and we will wait and see if this goes true. Meanwhile we are also trying to connect with Yamaha regarding this 🙂


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