Now R15 v3 Spotted in Red Colour – 10 Observations & New Spy Pics

Update: REVEALED: R15 v3 Looks Smashing in Video – a 360 Degree Look

The R15 v3 is very much happening and Yamaha is testing it in Indonesia, which will be its first market (of sale). Many spy pics of the motorcycle have been snapped and shared by TMCBlog and Iwanbanaran.

In another update, the much awaited motorcycle has been spotted in Red-grey livery for the first time. Here is a spy pic…

It hints at the possibility of Yamaha considering dual-tone colour options for the R15 version 3. This looks very similar to the red-grey theme Honda offered on the CBR250R earlier.

New R15 v3 Changes & Observations

So, let us quickly talk about the observations we could make based on the spy pics that have surfaced so far…

  • The tail section is slightly more streamlined like the M-Slaz and there continues to be no grab rail. (edit – new red mule pics provide a good view)
  • The number plate holder is below the reflector (in current version the reflector is at the bottom).
  • The exhaust canister may not be as raised as the current motorcycle. It sports silver tip against the all-black canister on the existing R15. Edit – here is a closer but hazy view..

  • The tyre hugger is not be to found but it can always be put on on the production motorcycle.
  • Fairing from the sides appears to have very minor design changes. Edit – new spy pic added which provides a clearer view.

  • The alloy-wheel design is different from the current R15.
  • The tank appears to have similar curves and knee recess as the current version.
  • Of whatever part is visible the instrumentation appears to be all-digital. Check out the new spy pic appended on this page – it clears that the instrumentation is indeed all digital.
  • Yamaha kept the face very similar in the transition to R15 v2 but on the v3 it is one of the most prominent design change. It also gets confirmed that it is different from R25/R3.

  • Edit – The tail lamp is an LED unit and is slimmer than the current model. Probably for aerodynamics (and the looks), the rear cowl is hollow and will allow for the air to escape through. The following spy pic shows how has it been integrated.

  • The biggest change is the motorcycle adorning upside down forks like M-slaz. Look closely and just ahead of that black bottom holder, you will see a part of the inner pipe. Unlike M-slaz they do not appear to be shiny golden though. Edit – The new pic shows the front suspension clearly.

New R15 Pic

They have also shared this digitally bettered pic of the same spyshot by changing the dull matte black colour to Yamaha blue. This gives us a clearer idea with regards to its looks and the overall design.

R15 v3 Engine

There are rumours that the new R15 may carry a bigger 155 cc engine from NVX155 scooter sold in some ASEAN markets (current R15 has a 149.8 cc motor). It may continue with SOHC (Single Overhead cam. CBR150R gets a DOHC setup) and may get VVA which stands for Variable Valve Actuation. VVA shifts between intake cam lobes (at 6000 rpm on the NVX155) for lower speeds and higher speeds. It helps in linear power delivery and crispier throttle response.

Here is the M-Slaz. This R15 v3 shares a few design cues as we have mentioned…

However nothing related to the engine is concrete or confirmed. What is official is that – the new R15 will come with enhanced performance and safety features. Now that the motorcycle is on the roads testing, expect an unveiling in the coming few months and a launch thereafter.

But what is coming before the R15 v3 to India is this near 250 cc naked!