Report: Yamaha’s 250cc R25 Displayed at Dealers Meet

A few weeks back Yamaha created quite a stir in the market when they unveiled their intentions to venture into the quarter liter segment when they showcased the R25 concept. Ever since then, we have new renderings making way on the speculation on how the production version will look like.


An interesting piece of information has reached us via an Indonesian blog which reveals that Yamaha R25 was kept on display during an annual dealer’s meet in the country. Yamaha has also kept a R25 prototype at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2013. Yamaha is still calling this sportster the R25 and they have confirmed that the concept has an all-new liquid cooled twin-cylinder 250 cc engine. Yamaha also affirmed that the concept bike has a 6-speed gearbox.


Yamaha says the production bike based on the R25 concept will be a “superbike that you can ride everyday”. If that’s the case then it is possible that Yamaha, with its smaller 250cc engine, is aiming for better fuel efficiency as well as performance almost as good as the competition.


We are still clueless when will Yamaha consider it for India, however when it does, we do expect hoards of Yamaha fans flocking the coutry’s dealerships to have a glimpse of possibly one of the most awaited 250cc in the world. And if Yamaha can make a real luring product – lookwise, performancewise  and pricewise, does this signal the end of overpriced Ninja 300?

Let’s just wait and see what comes out of the Yamaha hat, shall we?

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