Yamaha YZF R3: How About This Cranker of a Looker? Rendering!

Holy moly! What a cranker of bike! If this is what India will get (or even anything close to this) for awaiting patiently a hot quarter-liter equivalent from Yamaha, the wait would be well worth it. But as it happens very many times in life, bike isn’t a production version. Darn! It isn’t even a prototype.



It is just a wishful rendering of an artist engineer. Ain’t nothing from Yamaha, as yet, regarding their 300cc supersport. Since the news broke out that Yamaha has requested exclusive rights for the trade names ‘YZF-R3’ and ‘R3’ (more details here), auto journos and Yamaha aficionados have been chewing the cud as to the probable engine displacement and the possible looks the new Yamaha would adorn.

The new speculative renderings, courtesy Autoevolution.com have surfaced, and looking at the interest it managed to garner, Yamaha would be well advised to come out with their screecher ASAP. The rival Honda already has unveiled the CBR300R in the market and Kawasaki has also brought in its Ninja in the 300 guise.

Heck, even Suzuki has a 250cc bike in the market. Furthermore, it is being said that the new 300 cc from the company could have the new inline 3-cylinder engine. I know I know…all possible permutations and combinations possible with the word ‘3’!


However this is the official R25 Concept. Click pic for details

The recently launched ‘street-rally’ MT-09 and the all new naked FZ-09 have an in-line 3-cylinder setup; albeit these bikes displace a monster ~900cc. The rendering uploaded recently also has the all-new 300 cc in-line 3, which, if true, will mean the much awaited 300 from Yamaha will be priced on the wrong side of INR 3.0 lacs, and that would be..well…we don’t know yet!

How much would you be willing to pay for Yamaha’s speculated 300cc R3? The same question, I am sure, is being bandied around in the conference rooms of Yamaha, possibly!

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