Yamaha Successfully Concludes ‘Call Of The Blue’ Track Day At MMRT; 500 Customers Turned-Up

The ‘Call of the Blue’ track day was a success for Yamaha… They shared they will bring premium offerings soon…

Yamaha India have successfully organised and concluded their ‘Call of the Blue’ track day at the Madras Motor Race Track (MMRT) in Chennai on 13th of March. Their event saw nearly 500 brand admirers turn up to attend the event. 

Yamaha shared that this event was organised to offer their customers the experience of riding on a race track. Out of the total 500 people who turned up, 200 of their customers participated with YZF-R3, YZF-R15, FZ rang and Aerox 155 to experience the thrill of track riding on their motorcycles and scooters.

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The Japanese manufacturer explains that these track day experiences are held to ‘educate the customers on the various parameters and differences involved in riding on a race track as opposed to public roads’. These track day experiences majorly include Safety Tips, Posture Training, Trial Sessions, Track Experience etc. 

Yamaha have further stated that under the ‘Call of the Blue’ umbrella, this year they will introduce new products in the premium segment and will further organise such unique track events for their customers throughout India. 

Recently, Yamaha entered the EV domain with the unveiling of their two Electric Scooter concepts, an E-Moped and three Electric Bicycles, initially aimed for the European market. One of their electric scooter concepts is expected to be launched in the European market carrying the legacy moniker of ‘Neo’s’ very soon.