After Chennai, Yamaha’s Second ‘Scooter Boutique’ Launched in Vishakhapatnam

Yamaha Scooter Boutique sells scooters as well as fashion accessories in a ‘premium’ experience showroom…

In what appears to be a move to woo fashion-conscious motorists, Yamaha has introduced this concept of ‘Scooter Boutique’. The first Yamaha Scooter Boutique was opened in Chennai under their dealership “Bikerz” and the latest to have gone operational is in Vishakhapatnam which is taken care of by its dealership “Vaishnavi Automobiles”.

Basically, scooter boutique stocks Yamaha’s scooters (only, no motorcycles) as well as ‘fashion accessories’! Yamaha adds that the buying experience is different and unique.

While Chennai’s boutique is spread across 3100 sq feet of area which includes both – sales as well as service sections, Vishakhapatnam is bigger with a combined area of 4046 sq feet. They also have ride props, safety training activities etc.

Basically, Yamaha has decided that they will want to be a major player in the scooter segment. They first ventured in this segment in 2012 and are currently the fourth largest seller among the top five major manufacturers, with Suzuki closing in.

Yamaha Scooter Boutique

If you are surprised at this continued focus on scooters from Yamaha then let us tell you that in this small span of few years, Fascino has become their fastest selling model, overtaking FZ! And with intense competition in the motorcycle segment, finding a place in the relatively nascent scooters is easier. Add to this – scooters are growing faster than motorcycles – which simply means that buyers are now preferring buying these tiny wheeled machines over their larger wheeled counterparts for basic commuting.

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They have been caught testing another scooter and have announced the return of BS IV compliant R3 officially.