Watch Yamaha R25 Put Through its Paces on a Track [VIDEO]

There is a noticeable judder when the R25 is powering out of turns. This, despite wearing a meaty 140/70-17 at the rear. Perhaps it’s because of the stock tire than the bike itself. On the straights though the bike just pulls up its skirt and goes for it.


It is a real wallop to watch it climbing through those revs. The large windshield will protect you amply from the gale that the R25 is capable of generating. It’s rapturous; the R25…the performance, I mean.

There is a video on youtube, apparently shot and uploaded by boys at, of the R25 being put through its paces at a racetrack at some place in Japan. The helmet-mounted camera, and another one apparently placed on the tank take you on a little virtual ride of the R25.

About 7:20 minutes into the video, you get a better angle of view and you see the analogue rev counter, the track ahead, as well as the front shock absorbers as they lighten up as the throttle is yanked on the straights.


Obviously, recording quality sound in the video wasn’t the priority so you get the best the on-camera microphone and the recording software could provide, which, as usual, is never good.

Yamaha R25 Track Video:

(Facing Issues? Watch it directly on Youtube)

At around 11 minute into the video you could hear the R25 on full song as the throttle is wrenched aggressively to take the rev needle all the way up into the stratosphere. The bike, despite the amateurish attempt at sound recording, sounds mighty vigorous, and you can’t detect even a hint of vibration even on those high revs.

The R25, when brought around here, will do what the RX100 did for Yamaha when it was launched in India. It will do more, in fact, as it is a 250. And because it’s a twin.

Let’s hope Yamaha doesn’t dilute the performance of the R25 when they bring it into the country. If for some God forsaken reason they feel itchy to tweak something on the bike, they can always change it to look like the machine that Rossi rode.

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