Yamaha MT15 Sees Sudden Surge in Sales: Repositioning Helping..?

Check out the R15 vs MT15 sales table for the last three months. The MT15 has come extremely close to its extremely popular faired sibling…

Yamaha has a big portfolio of motorcycles based on its 155 platform which spawns an off-roader, a sportsbike, a streetfighter and a neo classic. Out of this, it sells the sportsbike R15 and the streetfighter MT15 in India.

The R15 has been extremely popular, however, MT15 has not been able to garner the same response and it has always remained an additional support for the company in this sub-segment. However, we notice that there has been a sudden spike in sales of the streetfighter model, specially in the last three months. Here is how many units it has sold, along with the sales numbers of its full faired sibling as well.

R15 vs MT15 Sales

July 20203928 units6869 units
August 20204149 units5464 units
September 20204156 units4649 units

In isolation, you may not notice the change but let us tell you that the MT15 has almost doubled its sales numbers in these three months (growth percentage between 173% to 185%). In fact, in the month of September, it came precariously close to outselling the magnanimous seller – R15! Only 493 units separated the two siblings…

R15 vs MT15 Sales

So, what could be the reason…?

When the MT15 was initially launched in India, there was a very negligible price difference of Rs 3000 with the R15 and people preferred buying the faired sportster over the streetfighter. However, with BS6 and clever repositioning by Yamaha, the price difference between both these models has widened to over Rs 9000, providing buyers fairly big price difference to make a better case for the MT. For reference here is the price comparison..

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MT15 Launch Price (March 2019)R15 Price (March 2019)
1.36 Lakh1.39 Lakh
MT15 Current PriceR15 Current Price

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This means that, with an on-road price difference of over Rs 10,000, people now consider MT15 a worthy option and at the same time, Yamaha has been able to widen its sales in this segment, overall.